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15th Anniversary Decoration Sneak Peek!

We are coming up on the 15th anniversary at Tokyo Disney Sea! It’s less than a week until all of the festivities start and decorations have started to go up around the park. I got to stop by and take a quick peek so here are some pictures from then. This will be an image heavy post, but every single photo makes me so excited for everything to begin!

As you get of the Resort Liner at Tokyo Disney Sea Station you can catch a glimpse of the new photo location that they are building in front of the Aquasphere! I absolutely loved the magical hat they built for the 10th anniversary so I’m very excited to see something equally as cool being created for the celebration!

Still partially hidden as it’s still under construction, but here is a view from the front!




Chip and Dale!




I thought it was really cool that they put crystals on to the banners for extra detail and texture!

Once you walk past the Aquasphere you will be seeing this beauty as you head towards the harbor!

More banners!

Cafe Portofino was all decorated for the anniversary as well!

Due to a lack of time I wasn’t able to get past the harbor, but it seems like more and more decorations are going up daily! I can’t wait to see the completed park when the Year of Wishes begins on April 15th! I hope you enjoyed this post and I will definitely be updating this blog a lot more, so if you’re interested in seeing all of the happenings at Tokyo Disney Resort please subscribe by entering your e-mail address on the top right side of the page!

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    1. It’s been very crowded during spring vacation, but it’s starting to calm down now that everyone is back to school and work. I’m hoping for a somewhat peaceful park next week :D

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