Tokyo Disneyland Resort: Haunted Mansion Holiday

5Hello, my dears! My name is Daisy and you might have seen one or two things that I’ve written over at Touring Plans. While I’m the resident Walt Disney World person there and free to share as much as I can, that left me with some leftover Tokyo Disney Resort goodies that I’ve been itching to get on the Interwebs. Of course, the lovely Abi stepped in to provide a home. Isn’t she the best?? :)

The Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay was on the very top of my list when visiting Tokyo Disneyland! I’m a huge Nightmare Before Christmas fan and was excited to see how the Tokyo version compared to it’s California cousin. (Spoiler alert: it’s AWESOME!!)

I was also looking forward to actually knowing how to take photos this trip! My last visit to Disneyland in California I’d just purchased my very first DSLR and blamed the camera when it didn’t produce the images I expected. My poor, wonderful first DSLR! It wasn’t that little camera’s fault. The Haunted Mansion is one of the hardest attractions anywhere to photograph regardless of what camera you have. Below you can see the mansion the night before it opened. (The calm before the storm) I was one of many people standing around taking photos during this lovely night.


The next morning, bright and early, we were ready for battle and ran straight to visit Jack. Below is the sign that you walk under to enter the attraction. The photos used here are a collection of my four rides during my trip. One of which we waited 40 minutes! That’s the longest line we stood in the entire trip.. and it was worth it!


In the queue line there are lots of detail added that I assume aren’t there they rest of the year. Where as I felt the California version had lots of playful details from the movie, the Tokyo version seemed a little more dark. Candles and pumpkins were the main decor with the candles lighting up at night for a pretty creepy scene.


Of course, before entering you must face the pumpkin king himself! This same display is used in California. Am I the only person that wants one of these for my own front yard? I promise I’d only leave it up for the Halloween season.. and maybe Christmas. I mean he’s wearing a Santa hat, right? ;)


Below is a look at the fastpasses for this attraction. I have a tradition of bringing home a set of unused fastpasses for Haunted Mansion Holiday every time I visit. It was hard, but I managed to resist using some to bring home. Also, fastpasses do not work like here in the states. It seemed like using one only allowed you to skip half the line. Be aware if you have a dining reservation or other obligation that you’ll need more time to cash in a Tokyo fastpass.


When you enter the mansion it becomes clear just how much the Tokyo version resembles the Haunted Mansion here in Florida. I’d heard that the overlay used in Tokyo was originally designed for our Haunted Mansion, but it was determined that they couldn’t afford to close ours for 6+ weeks a year adding and removing it. Where as Tokyo and California get mostly local business, people travel from all over the world to visit Orlando so it’s unfair to them to have such a prominent attraction closed annually.

7 8

The Tokyo version still uses the original roof design in the stretching room. Starting in 2013, Disneyland switched to a projection mapping effect. While it looks amazing I’m really a fan of the original. I was so happy to see that Tokyo hadn’t make the change. Am I the only one that thinks projection mapping is getting a bit overused?


Just before you board your doom buggy, if you look up you’ll see pumpkin snowmen holding up the lights inside the room. While this is adorable, the display in California is huge and impressive. However, it shows how the Tokyo mansion is much more like our Walt Disney World version since there is no room for this display. But I was distracted at this point because I could hear Jack calling from the next room!


This is where the Tokyo version won my heart. In the very first room you get to see Jack and Sally! The figures are big and really well made. No cheap cardboard cutouts here! The motion was incredibly fluid on the figures. All animatronics in Tokyo seemed to work much better than the ones here in the states.


In the library Zero was putting together a book filled Christmas tree. This is another feature that isn’t included in the California version. The characters are featured much more in the Tokyo version of this attraction.


That is especially true for Sally who is barely seen in California. The first time I watched a YouTube video of this ride I let out a squeal when I saw a full size Sally! She was so pretty. I think I took more photos of her than anything else in the ride!


One scene where California is the winner would be the seance room. In the that version large ornaments and lights are strung all over the room. As soon as we entered this area in Tokyo I was struck by how sparse it looked. I did love that Lock, Shock, and Barrel window, though!


Entering the ballroom, I noticed many similarities between California and Tokyo, but a few minor differences. One was this silhouette of Jack and Sally exchanging gifts. I also asked around about the gingerbread house but it seems here it’s just a prop that is used each year. In California a real gingerbread house is used and the design in unveiled each year with great anticipation!


The attic scenes were also very similar. In California a small monkey plush dressed as a bride is hidden each year in this scene so it was hard not to be looking for her! Rolling into the graveyard it was time for my favorite party of the ride, seeing Jack dressed as Sandy Claws! Wow, he was amazing! The figure was huge and moved so fluidly. Why can’t we have this overlay in Orlando again?


Just beside him is his trusty dog, Zero. I couldn’t get over how nice everything was for this seasonal overlay. The quality was just unbelievable!


The graveyard was mostly the same with orange lights strung everywhere, singing pumpkins, and large pumpkin angels. However, there were a few differences I noticed. For one, check out these reindeer! Maybe there were in the California version somewhere but it was so much darker that I would have never seen them. The graveyard was very bright with everything on display in Tokyo.


The last scene of the ride does go to California for the win. Where in that version you pass by Oogie Boogie spinning his wheel and you might just win a “prize” while passing the mirrors, all that is removed in the Tokyo version. You pass by Lock, Shock, and Barrel popping out of boxes to end the ride. However, this was the first time I’d ever seen a full size Lock, Shock, and Barrel – so that’s worth some points!!


If I had to pick a favorite, I would choose the Tokyo version. But I find myself saying that about most things. The parks are so beyond amazing! However, that is just my two cents. What do you think? Please let us know in the comments below and thanks so much for reading and commenting! :)

Dear Danny

First it was an adorable cat named Gelatoni and now it’s a little black lamb named Danny! If I’m correct though, Danny is an old old character from a storybook! Tokyo Disney Resort is bringing Danny to the parks because 2015 is the year of the sheep!

OLC has set up a site for guests to get to know the “new” character. For now there is a mini story and a game where you can try to find Danny. The mini story is told in an animated storybook style.

Here’s a quick summary of the story. Jeremiah takes his lamb Danny to the county fair to win a prize, but Danny gets excited and runs off. After a while Danny realizes that he’s gotten separated from Jeremiah and gets in a panic. Danny in his panic runs into a balloon cart and floats up into the sky. “It’s time to announce this year’s winning lamb!” that’s when Danny floated down and landed on the stage. “Yay Danny, you won a special award!” Everyone loves Jeremiah and Danny!

Kinda random, but still cute.

The game is very simple. You can click on three balloons a day to find Danny. Every time you find Danny you win a letter to figure out the keyword. Once you have all the letters you can rearrange them and go find Danny at Disneyland. So far I have “ポ” (Po) and “ト” (To)…I’ll keep you updated.

I hope they announce merchandise soon!

Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expedition Renewal

After going under renovations Jungle Cruise finally officially reopened on September 8th! I had the opportunity to experience it on the 7th when they were running sneak previews. The past few weekends the SB wait time has been going up to 100 ~ 130 minutes. On the 14th it even went up to 180 minutes! Luckily on the 7th we were able to hop on after a short 30 minute wait.

Waiting to get on. Everything looks fresh and vibrant!


Catching butterflies is not allowed! You also can’t swim with the alligators!
They also had a sign that said we couldn’t brush the alligator’s teeth. Bummer!

SUPERVISE CHILDREN. Maybe it should also say “Supervise Husbands”

I wasn’t able to get a photoof the beautiful butterflies (that we’re not allowed to catch), but I must say that all the changes are pretty cool! Before the renewal I didn’t ride Jungle Cruise too often, but once the crowds die down I think I’ll be riding it a lot more! The skippers seem to have similar spiels to before, but of course there are new parts too. 

I don’t want to give everything away for people who are looking forward to being surprised, but I want to say that the new music is awesome! I love it! Maybe you can guess what song they play?

The hippos were as excited as ever!

Another really cool part is the temple! It seems like everything is projection mapping lately and some people are saying it’s getting old, but I love the way they use it for this attraction. I used to be terrified of the temple, but now it’s really cool and fun, though the toddler sitting next to me got scared.

I really like all the changes and now I want to ride it at night!

Halloween Follies!

Halloween Follies is a new show that started this year at Tokyo DisneySea and can be watched at the American Waterfront Park multiple times a day. The show is based on 1920’s fashion and music. All of the characters and visiting skeletons are dressed up in costumes from then. I love both the costumes and music from the show and am sad that it won’t be coming back next year.

This was a year of purple costumes for Mickey!

Goofy looks taller than ever with his chef’s hat!

Daisy Duck is here to teach all about the world of fashion!

Minnie looking adorable as ever in a flapper style dress :D

Of course we can’t forget about Donald in his hot car!

Look at me! I’m the king of New York! The soundtrack for Follies is a MUST buy!

Poor Uncle Scrooge doesn’t like the skeleton friends and is a bit scared of them so he brings in gang leaders Chip and Dale to take care of things!

Ironically Chip and Dale’s gang members are also skeletons…Hmmm

After distracting the acorn beach ball throwing gang members with the Skeleton Dance from last year everyone has a great time! I thought it was amusing how they announced multiple times before the show to warn guests that large beach balls would be flying through the air!

Sorry for the heads, but I couldn’t not include this photo!

I really hope to see this show a few more times before it ends and is gone forever. It would be nice to see the costumes being reused at another time even if they don’t do the show again. If you’re in Japan for Halloween I would highly suggest you make a bit of time to check out this show even if from a distance! The music is fantastic! Well, I think so anyway. The front half of the Waterfront Park switches out guests after every show (and lines are formed around the Waterfront Park for guests who want to watch later showings in that area) , but the back half you could sit all day if you wanted! The day we went was extremely hot and sitting for three and a half hours in the hot sun was torture. Now that the weather is cooling down a bit more we may attempt it again. If you’ve seen this show make sure to let me know what you thought of it!

Get the Tokyo DisneySea soundtrack from Amazon Japan!
This CD also includes the track from Chip’n Dale’s Skeleton Fiesta!

Tokyo Disney Resort 2015 Schedule

I always tell my friends that I’m one season ahead of them, but at this moment I am one year ahead! OLC has just announced the schedule for TDR next year! (School years and business years in Japan start in April) Read the full announcement in English here. I’ll just post a simple summary to keep you guys up to date! One thing I am very sad about is the fact that Easter in New York at the American Waterfront will not be returning. However I’m very excited for the new villains Halloween show at DisneySea!

Disney Easter
2015 April 2nd (Thur) ~ June 23rd (Tue)

Tokyo Disneyland will be repeating their Secret Garden event with new costumes for Mickey and Minnie and a new guest participation part in the parade. Tokyo DisneySea will be graduating from Spring Voyage and will have a harbor show celebrating spring with fabulous Easter fashion.

Disney Tanabata Days
2015 June 23th (Wed) ~ July 7th (Tue)
Both parks will be celebrating Tanabata with greeting parades and shows.

Disney Summer Festival
2015 July 9th (Thur) ~ August 31st (Mon)
Tokyo Disneyland will be celebrating the summer heat with what seems to be the same show as this year. Tokyo DisneySea will be having a summer tropical carnival with Minnie as the main character.

Disney Halloween
2015 Sept 8th (Tue) ~ November 1st (Sun)
It looks like Tokyo Disneyland will be having a Halloween Fair with Disney friends and cheerful ghosts. Tokyo DisneySea will be having a harbor show featuring villains! How exciting!

Disney Christmas
2015 November 9th (Mon) ~ December 25th (Fri)
The 2015 Christmas events at both parks will have the same names as previous years. Tokyo Disneyland will be celebrating Christmas Fantasy with a new parade. Tokyo DisneySea will be celebrating Christmas Wishes with a harbor show and entertainment at the American Waterfront.

Disney New Year’s
2016 January 1st ~ January 5th
New Year’s celebrations at Tokyo Disney Resort will be similar to previous years with decorations and special foods and merchandise.

2016 January 12th (Tue) ~ March 18th (Fri)
Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy – Tokyo Disneyland
A special event featuring Frozen. The park will be changed into a Frozen world with decorations and entertainment programs.
Disney Princess ~ Welcome, Little Princesses – Tokyo Disneyland
A program where young girls can dress like and meet their favorite princesses.
Sweet Duffy – Tokyo DisneySea
A program where you can enjoy Duffy’s heartwarming world with cute merchandise, sweets, and special photo locations will be prepared.

I’ll miss you a lot, Easter in New York! I wish I could have seen you for at least one more year!

More DisneySea Halloween

I’m slowly going through all of my photos from recent trips and editing them bit by bit to make them look decent and share-able! Please be patient with me as I promise I’ll share all of my Halloween photos with you before the season is over!

DisneySea is my favorite Disney park and Halloween is probably one of my favorite events celebrated there. It’s definitely a close tie with the spring events, but Halloween is definitely one of the top faves. I know that I’ve showed you a peek of what Sea looks like at Halloween, but here’s a closer look at the decorations and tapestry around the entrance.

Orange is always a prominent color for Halloween and it seems this year Mickey likes purple ;D

Sir Knight is here to celebrate Halloween too! I love the cute pumpkins!

If you look up at you walk through the entrance you’ll see spider webs! This looks especially cool at night! I really, really wish we could use tripods in the park!

The whole passageway is decorated with these banners.

Halloween Follies Mickey is so handsome!

Lucky Nugget Cafe Halloween Ver.

This past weekend we headed over to the Lucky Nugget Cafe because the hubby loves turkey legs! Currently there are two turkey leg wagons where Westernland, Critter Country, and Fantasyland meet. There is usually a crazily long line for the wagons. Around mealtime the Lucky Nugget Cafe isn’t too much better, but as long as you avoid lunchtime and dinnertime I feel like it’s usually a shorter wait.

Just like the rest of the park, the Cafe was decorated for Halloween.

This decoration really goes with the harvest theme! I love the vibrant colors.

We didn’t try one this time, but during the Halloween season the Cafe is serving Pumpkin Churros!

Japanese restaurants, Disney Resort included are usually pretty good about displaying realistic food samples, but to be completely honest, this sample didn’t look too appetizing to me. I’m not a fan of large french fries to begin with, but these just look like frozen fries. You can also see a peek of the Halloween lunch tote behind the basket. Vampire Mickey is so cute!

Thankfully the real basket looks a thousand times better than the sample! It tasted heavenly too! I absolutely love the black pepper chicken and having a bit of fruit to go with the meal was wonderful.

The coleslaw might have been a tad bit bland, but it tasted pretty good to me.

Of course we can’t forget hubby’s turkey leg! I didn’t get a picture of it, but the Kirin Apple Tea Soda is a must have drink! They also sell it in a few other places around the park, but I always get it here to enjoy while hubby gnaws on his turkey leg.

Don’t forget about the awesome scenery!

I love waving to the Mark Twain Riverboat as it goes by!

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Halloween at DisneySea!

Hello everyone! I have about a weeks worth of Disney photos to share with you, but I’m going to start with the most recent trip we made since it’s the most recent. Duhh ;D Anyway, after avoiding the park over the summer because of the heat, we’ve been enjoying the Halloween festivities at Tokyo Disney Resort. This past weekend was a 3 day weekend though and both parks reached capacity.

We had to park our car in R7 way over by Maihama Eurasia hotel. It was a long walk, but we were able to park for free because the park had reached capacity. How nice! Once we reached DisneySea a very kind cast member came over to tell us that DisneySea would be re-opening entrance at 15:30 instead of the originally announced 17:00! Yay!

After Spring, Halloween is probably my next favorite season at Disney.

The side of the harbor by the entrance is surrounded by a wall! I can’t wait to see what changes they make. Also notice the Mickey mask on the lamp post! I love all the little details.

Heading over to the Waterfront Park to watch Halloween Follies! Can you spot me?

We were able to grab some seats in the shade to watch Halloween Follies!

I’ll post photos from the show next time, but I noticed that the towers are totally different from Easter in New York! Speakers and they sounded awesome! I loved the music from this show!

I was feeling sad that the huge spotlights were gone, but then I turned around and there they were in the back! Since the stage is at the front for Follies and not on each corner like Easter in New York that makes perfect sense.

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Goodbye, Mythica

The DisneySea original 5th anniversary show, The Legend of Mythics is ending on September 7th, 2014. Unfortunately I don’t seem to have too many photos of the show, but here are two. My hard disc drive doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with me at the moment, but if it ever decides to actually load my files I’ll try to find more Mythica photos for your and my enjoyment

The Legend of Mythica brought to Disney guests by 講談社 (Koudansha)
Since Mythica is ending Koudansha will now be sponsoring Turtle Talk.

Minnie Mouse! The Spirit of Love!

If you have any Mythica photos please share them with me on Twitter!
Especially Donald! Tweet them to me @StudioLorien 

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Halloween is Coming Soon!

I was going through my photos yesterday to see what Halloween photos I had taken last year and I thought I would share them with you guys. I had just gotten my Casio vlogging camera and was so impressed with it, but now that I look at the photos they’re not that sharp. I’m excited to take photos with my new DSLR this year! Anyway, here are the “before” shots ;D

I can’t wait to see Clarice and the other girls again this year!

This was one of my favorite floats. This year I’ll be sure to get a good Donald photo!

Halloween Daydream!

I’m going to miss these costumes this year!

I’m also going to miss Mythica! Ending on Septemer 7th D;

I am going to stuff my face this year. I love this buffet!

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