2014 Tokyo Disneyland Easter

Now that the 30th Anniversary is ending we must turn our eyes to the coming events.


The Tokyo Disney Resort website was updated this past week.

First let’s take a look at Disneyland’s page.

Mickey is looking really nice in a pastel colored Easter themed costume. Can’t see it in this picture? Check out the Disneyland website for a full bodied picture of Mickey and Minnie! I won’t take screen shots of everything, but the website shows lots of new and interesting looking content. I am very excited about the food, of course. The Easter themed buffet at the Crystal Palace looks adorable and delicious. I’m hoping to get lucky and get a look at the complete Donald Duck rice dish and not the one everyone has picked at. Haha. It also looks like they are going to have an Easter Egg Hunt again this year! A few years ago I tried on the expert level and it was very hard! I’m not sure if I’ll try again this year as they don’t have a Donald themed prize, but we’ll see.

Of course the highlight of the Easter events is the new Easter Parade! I am so excited to hear the new music and see the floats. Cooking Donald is my new love. I’m going to be renewing my annual passport next month and hope to bring you all lots of new photos from the Easter-fied park!

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TDL 30th Anniversary Ending

Here in Japan it is March 17th.

What does this mean?

It means that…

Tokyo Disneyland’s 30th Anniversary is ending.

The last day is the 20th of this month. I was not able to go this month as my annual passport expired, but I heard that this past weekend was very crowded with people who wanted to watch the special shows one last time. I had a great year and enjoyed all the special events and special food that OLC prepared. I should have made this post at the beginning of the month, but better late than never! If you have a chance in the next three days, please go say good-bye to all the lovely 30th anniversary decorations and delicious food.

It’s hard to believe that the happiness balloons on the castle will be gone by next week.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any good pictures of Mickey or Minnie in their gold costumes, but Donald’s my special duck anyway. Don’t be too sad though, you will still be able to see lots of the characters in their 30th anniversary costumes at Tokyo Disney Land as the Happiness is Here parade will still be continued, just not the stopping version.

Snow at Disney Sea

Hello! Earlier this month Mr. Panda and I went to Tokyo Disney Sea for Valentine Nights 2014 with my parents. It had just snowed a large amount the day before and we were a bit worried about driving, but it was all fine and we got their safely. We actually went down the night before and stayed in a lovely hotel, but that’s another post. Today I’ll just share a few photos from then with you.

Shellie May was on the Today for February!
Too bad she wasn’t wearing her Sweet Duffy 2014 costume.

Snow on Prometheus! I believe quite a bit had melted at this point.

Of course we had to make a visit to one of my favorite places in the park.
…..Uh, excuse me, Mr. Panda.

It was still a bit cloudy, but Mermaid Lagoon looked beautiful as always.

Okay, Mr. Panda, you can be in the photo.

Did you know that there are Hidden Mickey’s all over the outside of Mermaid Lagoon?

Mr. Panda kindly showing everyone where the Hidden Mickey is.

Can you spot the Hidden Mickey in this picture?

No Hidden Mickey’s in this picture as far as I can tell, but the sky started to clear up!

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DIY Flower Light Tutorial

I’ve always been interested in miniatures and sweets, but lately I’ve been trying different types of crafts. I’m not sure what category this falls under, but it was really easy and as you can see it’s absolutely adorable. All I used for this project were some dollar store fake flowers and LED candles. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

If you’d like to try making these, please check out my video tutorial!

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Alice Nendoroid

After much thought and pressure (?) from my friend over at Cookietales I decided to get a Nendoroid. At the end of 2013 I decided that my goal for 2014 would be to make a full display from scratch. Maybe a mini bakery or cake shop because I like sweets. I believe Nendoroids are 1/8 ~ 1/6 scale which go perfectly with the RE-MENT sets that I currently own. In the future I would love to make 1/12 scale miniatures, but I think I need a bit of practice before that happens.

Anyway, this blog post is to introduce my first Nendoroid, Alice! I believe she is from an online mahjong game, but after that I am not familiar with her character or anything. Someone said it was odd that I would purchase a character that I don’t even know, but I’m not a big anime fan so I don’t really know many of the Nendoroid characters anyway therefore I thought I might as well get one that I thought was cute. I ordered her from Amazon Japan for 3,400 yen.

My first Nendoroid!

The back of the box

The side of the box

The bottom of the box

Opening the box!

Wake up, Alice! It’s time to play!

All the parts that came with her.

Her expressions are so cute!

I feel like I’m going to lose a hand in the near future…

Her winky face is my favorite

She looks very demanding in this photo.


Unfortunately the stand was too big to fit in the hole on her back and I couldn’t stand her up. I saw that some people heat up their Nendoroid to make it fit and my friend suggested I shave the peg a little. I will do a little more research and see what I can do. The ideal solution is to buy another Nendoroid with a working stand. Hehehe.

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Selling My Squishy Collection!

I have finally given in and have decided to sell my squishy collection. Compared to other people it’s nothing magnificent, but I think I kept them in pretty good condition. :) Most of them were gifts from friends, but don’t worry! I talked to some of them and they have given me the okay. :D I’ve never been a big squishy fan and only started collecting to support TooTooKawaii and Sammy, but since the TooTooKawaii shop doesn’t exist anymore my collection is going to be non-existent too.

All the details are in the video:

If you’re interested the listing is on my Storenvy for $210 including tracking and shipping.


Cup Stacking Challenge

Happy New Years! 2014 is here!

Have you all made your resolutions? My resolution this year is to keep up with my work…both YouTube and housework. So far I’m doing pretty good. I heard it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, so I will continue to plod on.

The first video I uploaded on StudioLorien this year is a collab with the NoFaceFairies! I’ve been friends with Nicole, Charles, and Davis since they moved to Japan years ago. In fact, I think I’ve known Davis since before he was born  We’ve been wanting to collab for a while and have even attempted a few times, but this is the first video we’ve actually been able to film together. Since it is our first collab there are a few awkward moments and I noticed that I’m not even on camera for part of the video, but we had a lot of fun together!

I would like to say that the girls team won the practice round with ease and that we are not complete failures  I think we will have to get together again for another challenge and a little bit of  revenge from the girls side!

If you haven’t seen the video yet please check it out

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[CLOSED] International Christmas Trade


Hello guys!

I mentioned this on my Twitter and Facebook, but I am going to open two trade slots!

I am actually looking for just one thing, but the extra slot is a bonus from me :3

I am looking for the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

[CLOSED]1st Slot: $55 worth of items + Shipping from Japan[CLOSED]
[CLOSED] 2nd Slot: $10 ~ $20 worth of items + Shipping from Japan [CLOSED]

Slots cannot be put on hold. Sorry!

Obviously the first slot is for the Naked 3 Palette. I understand that the palette is more expensive outside of the United States. Sorry non-U.S. people I can only offer $55 worth of items for the 1st slot!

In the second slot I am open to pretty much anything, brand new stuff would be appreciated. Here are some examples of what I might like. POP! VINYL FIGURES, Martha Stewart Glitter, EOS lip balm, nail polish, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit stuff, Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma/Kiiroitori plush with tag, Duffy costumes…etc I am NOT interested in edibles. Extras are not required.

I can offer pretty much anything within the price range of the two slots. An example for the $55 slot would be a full RE-MENT set + candy, but any combination of items is fine. I probably can’t offer rare squishies just because I don’t have access to them. I am open to ordering things for you, but the shipping from the shop will be included in the $55 or $10 ~ $20 budget. Some examples of what I can offer, DIY candy kits that are currently being sold, candy/snacks, stationary, stickers, plushies, non-rare squishies, clay, whipple, eraser kits, anything from daiso/seria…etc **I cannot send the squishy maker kit overseas**


1. Must be 18 or older. (**If you are younger than 18 I would like to ask that you have your parent/guardian give their permission in your video**)

2. Must cover shipping from your country and send first with a tracking number. I will send within 2 business days of your package’s arrival and add a tracking number as well.

3. Must send within 1 week of agreement.

4. Must make a video of what you can offer and what you are interested in. Please specify what your budget is if you are interested in the 2nd slot. Please do not purchase the items until I message you. Just make a list to let me know what kind of trade you want. (No messages or photos allowed. YouTube accounts are free to create.)

5. Must post link to video in the comments of this blog post. Please do not post it more than once. Emails and messages concerning this trade sent to YouTube/Facebook/Twitter will be ignored.

I will PM people on YouTube so make sure to check your private messages daily. I will also update this blog post when the slots are closed. :) I will be completely honest and say that people showing their faces in their videos will have more chances of being chosen because I can see what kind of people I will be trading with. :D

Please post any questions in the comments.

EDIT: If you can offer 3 inch Disney POP! Vinyls for the 2nd slot your offer will pretty much be auto accepted. :3 (If you can offer them at U.S. retail price it will be accepted for sure *if you follow all the rules*) I am especially interested in Epic Mickey: Mickey and Epic Mickey: Oswald. Princesses and Villains would be next on my list. Other Disney characters are okay too. **I own Normal Mickey, Ariel, Tinkerbell, and Stich**


Donald Duck iPhone 4s Case

Since the iPhone 5 has come out it has become extremely hard to find cute iPhone 4s cases at the Disney Store here in Japan and at Tokyo Disney Resort. I’d pretty much given up on finding a new, cute, and sturdy case for my smartphone, BUT as I was doing my daily browsing (yes, daily browsing ;3) on the Disney Store website I came across this case. They also had a Mickey Mouse one, but since I am a Donald Duck fan I had to get this one.

In case you didn’t notice, this is the same design as my tote bag.
They made a lot of merchandise for the theme this time it seems.

Back of the case. In case you were wondering it was 1,900 yen + 5% tax.

Opening it up! So exciting 

It came with a plastic screen guard! Thank you, Disney!

This is the case that my iPhone was wearing. I love this one a lot too.
Originally it was Mr. Panda’s, but he’s moved on to a Disney skeleton case.

Tadaaaaa. All dressed.

I love the sketched Donald.

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Disney Lip Gloss

Hello everyone! This is not a Tokyo Disney Resort post, but as you can see, it is Disney themed. The other day I was at the train station to purchase a Minnie Mouse nail polish that I had seen a few weeks before. After I had picked out the nail polish (which I will show in a separate post) I was browsing around the shop and saw these Disney lip glosses. There was another yellow one that was honey scented, but I’m not a fan of honey lip glosses so I passed on it. The shop I went to only had 3 types, but later when I checked on the internet I found out that there was a fourth Strawberry scented one. Both the honey and strawberry had a polka dot design.

These are the two I purchased.
A glittery clear unscented one and a pink unscented one.

The glittery clear unscented one has a picture of Minnie kissing Mickey!

As you can see it pretty much looks like stick glue.

I don’t know if you can tell, but I tried swatching it on the back of my hand.
Can you see the faintly shiny part?

And here is the pink unscented one. This one has a cute picture of Minnie on it.

The inside of the lip gloss. Very pink. Almost red.

Here it is swatched alongside the clear one. This one has a hint of color.

I am in love with the adorable Minnie Mouse lids.

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