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Trying an Airbnb Near Tokyo Disney Resort

We’re gonna go back a few months because I am horrible at keeping up to date on my blog posts. I actually started journaling this year, but not surprisingly I’m behind on that as well. Anyway, back in February my friend Keith invited me to hang out with him at Tokyo Disney Resort. Some of you may know that I live a few hours away from the parks so when I want to go for two or more consecutive days I usually try to find a cheap hotel to crash in for the night. This time I decided to take a look at the Airbnb apartments available near the resort. I wasn’t really thinking I’d write about this at the time so I have no photos, also privacy is a huge thing in Japan and I wasn’t sure if the owner would want me sharing their apartment on the internet. (Even though it’s on the internet through Airbnb…) Either way, it ended up being a great experience and since then I’ve booked my second Airbnb for a Tokyo stay in the near future. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, it might be worth a quick search on their website. *I’m not sponsored by Airbnb*

Since it was my first time to stay at an Airbnb and I had heard all of the horror stories, I decided to invite my friend, Tove. Because if I’m going to die I might as well take someone with me??? #AbiLogic! We got a two bedroom apartment for about 8,000 yen and this was on a weekday in February, which is what I would say is considered a pretty slow season. You may be thinking that 8,000 yen isn’t that cheap, but the main reason I ended up with Airbnb was that I was too slow to look for a hotel and all of the rooms were 10,000 yen+ for one night and it would only have roomed one person.

The first day we hung out at Tokyo DisneySea for the day and actually got a lot accomplished.

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・Teddy Roosevelt Lounge – Ceasar Salad
・Tropic Al’s – Carl’s Hot Drink
・ Sultan’s Oasis – Sulley Bun
・ Pixar Stickers
・ Lightning McQueen’s Victory Lap
・ Garlic Shrimp Popcorn
・ Magellan’s Lounge – Tea & Creme Brulee
・ 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
・ Nemo & Friends Searider (FP)
・ Rinya at Ikspiari – Tonkatsu

I would highly suggest Rinya to anyone who would like to try some really good tempura, pork katsu, or soba! It’s on the 4th floor of Ikspiari. The atmosphere is really nice and I have found that the staff are willing to make changes to orders for picky eaters, i.e. no meat in the curry udon, no seafood in the tempura assortment, etc etc. (This was all done in Japanese though, not sure if any of the staff will be fluent in English.)

After a full day at DisneySea we were ready to head back to our room. We had the option to either take the bus from Maihama Station or go one stop to Shin Urayasu Station. I think the bus would have been easier, but in the end, we took the train. The apartment was a 15-minute walk from the station and was fairly easy to find. The apartment was fully furnished, there was a kitchen, bathroom, and even a washing machine! Our host had left a mobile wifi for us to use during our stay along with some other amenities. I feel like we both got a good night’s sleep and were ready to go for another day at Tokyo Disney Resort by the next morning!

・ Center Street Coffeehouse – Mickey French Toast
・ Monsters Inc Ride and Go Seek!
・ Village Pastry – Sweet Potato TipoTorta
・ Troubadour Tavern – Hojicha Latte & Magical Shell Soup
・ Happiness is Here Parade
・ Country Bear Theater
.Jungle Cruise

As you can see, we snacked a lot.

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Not quite sure why I don’t have any photos, but I’m thinking it was because I was living in the moment and having a blast with my friends! I also think I was posting stories on Instagram that day so if you’re interested in seeing live Disney updates from me as they happen, follow me! @tokyodisneylorien

Kudos to you if you made down here to the end!


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  1. Thank you very much for this info on Airbnb. I live out by you guys so it is really hard to justify spending the night at a hotel near the park. My wife and I have also heard some horror stories about Airbnb so we have been reluctant to stay at a place without someone playing the guinea pig for us first #Abilogic? :-). We will certainly check out some apartments near the park the next time we do a two day Tokyo / Disney run. Have an fantastic day, Abi!

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