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Today I Ate A Monster Butt at Tokyo DisneySea


I realize that it’s already halfway through January, but it is my first post here so cut me some slack. At least it’s still January!

Anyway, I made my way to DisneySea on January 9th with my good friend Tove (who has an awesome Tokyo Disney blog called Musings from Mt. Prometheus!) Our main goal for the day was to check out the new Pixar themed food options and to get our annual Tower of Terror: Level 13 Challenge started! It was very calm and peaceful at the parks since it was the first weekday after a 3 day weekend. Well, I say peaceful, but it was actually very windy! I could barely hold my camera steady.

Our first food stop was at New York Deli because we both wanted some “real” food before we dived into the world of food coloring and sugar. Tove was true to our mission and ordered the Cars themed sandwich. I think she wanted a jump start on the food coloring. I was too hungry to take a proper photo, but you can see it in detail on her blog! (Are you enjoying these not so subtle nudges?) I was boring and got my go-to sandwich, the beautiful and delicious panini!

I did manage to grab the Randall Boggs cupcake though! I showed this to my Randall loving friend and she wasn’t too sure about the plainness of this treat, but these are actually the cupcakes that Randall made for his friends in Monsters University! (Apparently, the cupcakes say “BE MY PAL” in the USA version of the movie.) The CM running the cash register had no clue what I was talking about when I asked for the cupcake, but became very excited when I changed my order to “Randall?”

The cupcake had a few berries inside but otherwise was pretty plain. I want to call it a muffin, but it might be a bit sweeter than an ordinary muffin. The tartness of the berries went well with the sweetness of the cake. The frosting on top tasted like buttercream and the Randall face plate was definitely white chocolate.

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After a stop at the Duffy store to debate whether I needed one of these adorable plushes or not, we headed on to Arabian Coast to try the Sulley Steamed Bun at Sultan’s Oasis. I was super curious about this bun even before the event started because it’s bright blue! The filling was similar to the Chandu Tail (which has been replaced by the Sulley Bun for now) and I quite enjoyed it.

It’s definitely packaged to look like Sulley’s buns :P

Our last food stop for the day was also Sulley themed. There seem to be a lot of blue snacks and drinks for this event. We popped into Vulcania in Mysterious Island to try the Sulley Roll Cake and Mike Dim Sum! A lovely CM guided us to the brightest spot in the restaurant to get photos before seating us at the darkest table there. (I’m kidding, the whole restaurant is dark!) They do have a few tables outside though so if you feel the need to get that perfect Instaworthy photo, just make sure to get there before the sun goes down!

The Mike Dim Sum reminded me of the Goofy Dim Sum from the 15th anniversary. I’m pretty sure they just changed it up to fit the theme, but fortunately, Mike matches perfectly! Tastewise, they’re definitely not the best dim sum ever, but they’re also not disgusting. Anything for a cute photo, right?

If you remember, at the beginning I mentioned my annual Tower of Terror: Level 13 Challenge. Every January – March for the past few years, TDS has been running a special version of Tower of Terror. It has extra special effects and more drops in a varied pattern. I love it so much! It’s my goal every year to ride it as many times as possible. We managed to ride it twice, despite Tove’s fear of drops. I enjoy watching her get more and more nervous as we get closer to the ride :P

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This year I’m going to try and keep track of all the attractions I go on and the restaurants I visit. Last year’s TDR Food Run was kind of a flop because I got a late start and then abandoned it halfway through. One of my goals this year is to be more organized, so we’ll see how that goes. At the end of each post, I’ll tally up the number of rides and restaurants I visited that day, which should mean a blog post every time I visit the parks! Wish me luck!

January 9th, 2018

Tower of Terror: Level 13 x 2
Journey to the Center of the Earth x 2
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea x 1

Sultan’s Oasis
New York Deli

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