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DisneySea Perfect Christmas Show

I’ve been meaning to get this post up for a few weeks and here it is Christmas Eve! What better time to post this than now? I really like this year’s Christmas show at DisneySea and was super excited that they were using costumes from past shows and some music too. Christmas Family seems to be a favorite at OLC. I haven’t been to the parks as much as I would like, but thankfully the day I went to see Perfect Christmas the weather was also perfect! Please enjoy my image dump post and feel free to fan girl along with me :3

Minnie as cute as ever in her Christmas outfit!

Yes, Donald, I will follow you wherever you want to go! :D

Duffy is hyping it up with his cute hat!

I know he’s not looking at me, but he is, isn’t he? ;D

Aladdin and Jasmine looking great as always!

Genie! Will you grant my Christmas wish?

Minnie will forever be my queen!

Love is in the air!

Donald and Uncle Scrooge getting along ;D

Merry Christmas!

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