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Welcome to Studio Lorien’s Tokyo Disney Resort Blog and Guide!
We aim to keep you up to date with the latest events at the parks here in Japan.
We also hope to offer you some help in planning your next trip to TDR!
Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!

Name: Abi
Favorite Park: DisneySea
Favorite Show: Bonfire Dance, Minnie Oh! Minnie
Favorite Food: Chandu Tail
Favorite Attraction: Tower of Terror
Follow me on Instagram: @tokyodisneylorien
Tweet me on Twitter: @studiolorien

Name: Panda
Favorite Park: DisneySea
Favorite Show: Big Band Beat, Easter in New York
Favorite Food: Little Green Man Mochi
Favorite Attraction: Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage

Name: Koki
Favorite Park: DisneySea
Favorite Show: Mysterious Masquerade
Favorite Food: Cheesecake Brownie
Favorite Attraction: Tower of Terror
Follow me on Instagram: @koki.disney




  1. Hi Abi! I’m 19years old, From Singapore! i realise you have duffy bear! I’m so envy because they dont have it in singapore. And air tickets to Tokyo can be really really expensive. Would like to ask how much would a duffybear cost? And is there any ways i could get ’em on my hands? ):

    1. Oh and i’m also a subscriber of your youtube channel! Update more on toys and duffy’s outfits!!

  2. Hola! I´m so glad that you two made this Disney Resort blog. My fiance and I are planning to go to tokyo for our honey moon so this will help us a LOT :) We are Mexicans that love Japanese stuff!

    1. Thanks for checking out our site! I’m sure your honeymoon will be fantastic! Let me know if you have any questions or need help with anything :)

  3. do you still do your po box videos because i want to send you something and have you make a video on it but i have a problem where do i send it? also do you send stuff back?
    please answer.

      1. Hi abi please give me your address so i can trade with you i already prepare your package and i dont know where to send please give me your address

  4. I love your channels so much, and our company would like to do some collaborations with you. We can send you some free items you can use in your videos, you can check out lightinthebox.com , and if you guys are interested in it, please send me an email back! Thanks;)

  5. Hi, Mr Panda and Abi. My 8years old daughter is the biggest fan of your DIY candy videos. Is it possible for you to email us your mailing address? Because she really wishes to write a fan letter to you guys. We live in Los Angeles. But she can write a little bit in Japanese, too. Pleeeeease!!!!! Thanks a million in advance. Best, Hiro

  6. Hi I am wondering if you can send me some squishes and some DIY candy makers or some things like that because it is my birthday soon and also my cousins and I really want to give her something cause she has cancer please send me something before Christmas my email address is lsyvichith@gmail.com

  7. Hi!!!! I’ve been watching your videos for a year now over and over and won’t stop…because I love love love your videos.
    Could you give me your email…..PLEASE????
    Could I send you some stuff….and you could send me some from Japan(chocolate).I’m in Malaysia…..it’s like a trade but….yeah.Could you email me back…..(sorry to many coulds).At least I have a friend…..

  8. U sent some stuff to tonyellison can u send me some stuff too amity Aus Melbourne flemington racecourse rd postcode:3031 109/130
    Please thanks

  9. Hello~~
    First,my English is not very well , so forgive my worst English.
    Second, I watch your film on YouTube and I very love them !!!
    Third, I want to know where did you buy those D.I.Y candy , the sandwich maker , and RollCake maker.
    Finally, I really love your film,so fighting. And keep do it. Thank you

  10. Hey there i love your videos and was wondering if you would like to be pen pals i always wanted a pen pal from japan and wonder if we could exchange packages as well thank you so much

  11. Hi, can I buy squishys and popping cooking from you? I cannot find your website. Can you provide me a link/contact me at my email? My email is :hau_xinru@yahoo.com.sg.
    Thank you :)

  12. Hello, I love your videos and I really would like to trade with you. Can I interest you in anything? I really love your DIY candies and rare squishies! I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you!

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