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Tokyo Disneyland Countdown Tickets Arrived!

You guys may remember a few months ago I made a post about winning Tokyo Disneyland New Year’s Eve Countdown Tickets. Well, after sending a large sum of money and a long wait they have finally arrived! Less than a month till the countdown guys, which means much less than a month till Christmas! We gotta do first things first, yes? 

The beautiful envelope that the mail man brought while I was drying my hair. In my excitement I forgot to finish drying my hair and had to live with poofy hair for the rest of the day, but that’s another story that’s not half as exciting as countdown tickets.

“Tokyo DIsneyland New Year’s Eve Passports Enclosed” 

I actually won 5 tickets, but I’m only using 2 myself. Therefore the other 3 are going to my friends. I was surprised that each ticket had an individual envelope, but I guess that makes it easier to pass out to friends. Pretty fancy I’d say! Good job Disney 

The magical ticket! It looks totally different from a normal One Day Passport.

5 Today pamphlets were also enclosed with show information for the one night only!

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