DisneySea Core Plan

Here is a plan that I like to use when I go with friends who just want to focus on the rides. I will warn you that it is A LOT of walking back and forth. If it’s your first time to DisneySea it’ll be a good idea to look over the park map and get a general idea of where the main attractions are. This plan is based on the crowds of a semi-busy Sunday that opens at 8:00 and closes at 22:00. I used the Fastpass return times from September 28th, 2014.

This is a core plan to get you to the main attractions. Please use this plan as a base and slot in meals, shows, and other rides around the attractions on the chart. Later on I’ll be posting a park report of what a full day at DisneySea looks like for me so you can use it as a reference.

This plan is made with the intention of being in front of the gate about an hour and a half before the park opens.

FP = Fastpass / SB = Standby

Attractions with short wait times after 8 PM:
Storm Rider
20,000 Leagues
Mermaid Lagoon Rides
Caravan Carousel
Jasmine’s Flying Carpets
Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage
Duffy Greeting Place

Suggested Shows:
A Table is Waiting
Big Band Beat


  1. Great resource, Abi! Thank you very much for putting this together. I have five-year-old twins, so the big rides are not an option now. Do you have any suggestions for a family of little ones? We are driving from Ibaraki so we usually get to the park about 10 or 11am.

  2. Hi and thanks for all the wonderful write-ups and photos! We’ll be at TDR April 5 – 11 and staying at the Miracosta. I’ve read we’ll have a “special” gate to enter the parks, do you happen to have a photo of this location? Also when following your plan (which sounds awesome!) what time should we be at the special location?

    1. The Miracosta gate is on the left side of the hotel (facing the entrance to the lobby) you’ll go down a flight of stairs and there should be a Miracosta hotel staff with a Happy 15 Entry sign. If you want to catch Toy Story Mania along with the above (since non of the other rides or fast passes are open during Happy 15, I would suggest that :D) maybe get to the gate 30 – 60 mins before opening.

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