Resort Monorail

Disney Resort Line

Resort Gateway Station
Tokyo Disneyland Station
Bayside Station
Tokyo DisneySea Station

Normal Ticket (One loop around the monorail)
Adult: 260 yen
Child: 130 yen

Free Ticket (Good from date purchased until date marked on ticket)
1 Day Free Ticket:
Adult: 650 yen
Child: 330 yen
2 Day Free Ticket
Adult: 800 yen
Child: 400 yen
3 Day Free Ticket
Adult: 1,100 yen
Child: 550 yen
4 Day Free Ticket
Adult: 1,400 yen
Child: 1,300 yen

Book of Ticket
(11 Tickets for the price of 10. Good for 3 months from purchase date)
Adult: 2,600 yen
Child: 1,300 yen

Electronic money cards such as, Kitaca, PASMO, Suica, manaca, TOICA, PiTaPa, ICOCA, はやかけん, nimoca, SUGOCA can be used.

Disney Resort Line runs at an interval of 4 ~ 13 minutes

First Train & Last Train Times:
Resort Gateway Station: 6:00 (6:30) to 23:55 (23:30)
Tokyo Disneyland Station: 6:02 (6:32) to 23:57 (23:32)
Bayside Station: 6:04 (6:34) to 23:59 (23:34)
Tokyo DisneySea Station: 6:08 (6:38) to 24:04 (23:39)

Times in parentheses are for winter train times for January and February.

The last stop will be at the Resort Gateway Station at 24:07 (23:54)

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