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Toy Story Mania Report

I thought I would write a post about Toy Story Mania! Because the last time I went I was able to get Fastpasses for one of the most popular attractions at DisneySea. I realize that there are two types of DisneySea people. The type who absolutely must ride Toy Story Mania and the people who avoid it at all costs. Most of the time I’m the type that avoids it, but I thought I would share my experience with you all since it wasn’t as unpleasant as past experiences.


Since both hubby and I got annual passes to both parks we’ve stopped going super early in the morning. This day though we decided to get to the park a few hours before opening because we wanted to try and grab a good spot to watch Halloween Follies. I would say that we were lined up about 10th from the gate before 6:30 on holiday Tuesday. The park opened at 8:00 that day so we were able to arrive even before the ticket booth opened. The wait went by rather quickly as we both just slept for an hour or so before they made everyone stand up.

I would like to make the point that we were able to get Fastpasses within 10 minutes after opening WITHOUT RUNNING. Lately there are more and more cast members out trying to convince guests to walk to their destinations. I understand how exciting it is to finally get into the park, but I also know how dangerous running can be for everyone. Especially through the entrance under MiraCoasta where it gets narrow. This day I a happened to see a guest run head-on into a cast member and both hubby and my toes have been run over numerous times by hurrying families with strollers. Safety first! :D


Anyway, as I was saying, we were able to get Fastpasses pretty quickly. The wait before the park opens is a bit long, but I’d rather wait before the park opens than in lines waiting to ride an attraction or to get a Fastpass. We actually had to hover back and let quite a few people go ahead of us because the Fastpass return times were too early and would make us miss the show we had come to watch. At this point the standby time for Toy Story Mania was about 100 minutes. As I was waiting for Follies I heard that they cut the line for Toy Story Mania Fastpasses around 8:30 and that they were gone by 9:15. So, if you’re not prepared to be in the park and in the Fastpass line within 20 minutes of opening I would pass.

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IMG_5940Toy Story Mania after the morning chaos dies down

IMG_5947Tower of Terror looms up over Toyville Trolley Park

IMG_5951When we returned to use our Fastpasses it was a 110 minute wait for standby guests.
After this it jumped back up to a 160 minute wait! That’s definitely not in my schedule!

IMG_5960The view from the Fastpass line. The line moved pretty fast so I didn’t have much time to snap photos.

IMG_5963This coloring book looks so real!

IMG_5962Hooray for Fastpasses!

IMG_5965“Aim for the target and throw the rings” Yes, they all talk in Japanese ;)

IMG_5969Not the best photo, but you can get a small feel of what the inside queue area looks like.


IMG_5973Lots of glasses! Hmm, which pair looks the best on me…

IMG_5976Who knew Andy had a super fun arcade under his bed! I love that we get shrunken down to toy size

 This is a super fun ride and definitely worth riding if you have the time. We were able to prove that Fastpasses can be achieved without running and would like to advise everyone not to run because it would be very sad if you or anyone in your group were to get injured and have to deal with that on your fun vacation. On weekdays Fastpasses last a bit (just a bit!) longer so if you have a few days to enjoy the parks perhaps decide a day to wake up early and head over to Toy Story Mania :)


    1. It’s so fun! You’ll love it :D Lately Mr. Panda and I have been playing as a team to try and get the special bonus points!

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