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Ambassador Hotel: Donald Room

Last month I had the chance to stay in the Donald Room at the Ambassador Hotel! I booked this room 6 months in advance and as you can guess, I was very, very excited for this day. My friend, hubby, and I spent the day at Disneyland, but because it was so crowded and cold we headed over to the hotel pretty early. We got checked in smoothly, received our Happy 15 Entry papers, personalized room keys, and a piece of paper that allowed us free parking at the park the next day.

Please enjoy the pictures and I’ll leave a short review of what I thought of the room at the bottom :)

The view as you walk into the Donald Room. Look at the footprints!!

As expected, everything was Donald themed. (The plushes in the chair are ours.)

Donald and Daisy on the mirror

Tea corner. There was also a little fridge with overpriced drinks.

Bathroom area. Door on the right is the shower and door on the left (not shown) is the toilet.

Cute Donald and Mickey themed amenities!
I may or may not have taken them all home with me :P

Donald door. He’s so cute!!

Donald door #2. Can I just live here forever?

The bathroom was rather large. The shower and bath were separate. Nothing too luxurious, but it was nice.

Goofy loofah! Well, the wrapping anyway.

Duffy wearing our Donald fan caps. Can you see the Donald hats on the lampshade?

Donald beds! The headboards are his feet! I want this in my room!

Honest review, the beds were hard as rocks! My friends had just stayed at the Disneyland Hotel a few weeks before and had told me that the beds we rock solid. On a scale of marshmallow to rock, I actually prefer a firmer mattress so I was a bit skeptical of their opinion, but now I am 110% in agreement with them! I know that we stayed at different hotels and most likely had different beds, but even if their bed was a smidgen softer than ours it still would have rock status. Either way though, I was so tired from our day at the park that I slept like a rock…on the rock bed. Haha.

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As always, the staff members were all fantastic, giving us nothing less than Disney quality hospitality. I had to give housekeeping a few rings before the call went through, but they were very quick to bring us a Wi-Fi router once we asked. Even with the rock beds I would stay here again just because the interior is so cute. I am definitely interested in checking out the other themed rooms at Ambassador Hotel and Disneyland Hotel.

Leave me a comment if you’ve stayed in a Disney Hotel before and what you thought of it. Was your bed comfortable?


  1. I stayed in the Alice In Wonderland room a couple weeks back…. Bed hard as a rock….but like you I was so tired I pretty much passed out…. I squealed so much over everything… And I may have even cried at the sheer awesomeness of it all…..

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