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Frozen Fantasy Greeting Parade

I was just telling you that January is the time to go to TDR because the parks are practically empty. An event has arrived that may change everything! Frozen Fantasy has begun and Anna and Elsa have landed in Japan! This even has been long anticipated and even though it wasn’t crazy crowded, I did feel that for a normal weekday there were more families with younger children than usual.

Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy!

Cute dancers with snow blowing mountains! I love the costumes!

I love the colors and flouncy-ness of the costumes.

Sweet Sisters!

I thought that Anna was the most adorable face character that I’ve ever seen!

Elsa wasvery elegant and beautiful!

I am in love with them! They are so beautiful!

So pretty! The “wings” are cool, but I love the skirt even more!

Elsa has a very swoosh-able cape as well!

Did I mention how much I love Anna?

We can’t forget Olaf! Everyone around me was commenting on how big he is.

This greeting parade is very similar to the New Year Greeting, meaning that it was quite short. It was really fun though to see Anna and Elsa and be able to sing along with them. I think Anna even came down from the float. It was on the opposite side from me so I’m not sure if she went all the way down the stairs or not though. She was absolutely adorable! I cannot repeat myself enough. Her expressions, the way she moved, and just everything about her! Yes, I sound crazy. Sorry….not.

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