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New Year Greeting 2015

Happy New Year to all of my Disney friends! I am so excited for 2015 as one of my goals is to go to Tokyo Disney Resort (at least) 50 times this year. This is one resolution that shouldn’t be too much of a pain to keep though it might be harder than it sounds because I live about 3 hours away from the parks. Either way, I hope each and every one of you have Disney filled year!

I made my first Disney trip of the year on the 2nd of January. This year both parks had a New Year Greeting show/parade from the 1st through the 5th. It’s such a short period that I had never been able to make a visit during that time before as New Years in Japan (well, mine anyway) is jam packed full with family visits, but this year I made sure that we were at the parks for the shortest greeting ever. By short I do mean the period they run it, but I also mean the time that you get the see the characters. At Tokyo DisneySea they zoom in, go around the harbor twice and zoom out. I honestly didn’t know that the barge could move so fast. At Tokyo Disneyland two floats (one car and one float?!) go around the parade route at an almost equally hurried speed. I would say that it’s definitely worth checking out though because the main characters are dressed in traditional Japanese clothing.

I love this moment when the barge appears from under the bridge.
I’m also always overwhelmed by the amount of people standing around the harbor to watch.

Happy New Year from DisneySea!

Donald is my favorite, but Mickey will always be the superstar!

It wouldn’t be TDS without these two! I wonder if we’ll get to meet Gelatoni this year!?

Donald and Pluto looking good! Pluto’s collar has the kanji for “best wishes” on it 寿

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Goofy is looking dandy in his traditional costume!

And now, moving on to Disneyland!

Donald and Daisy come rolling in on a fancy car!

Danny representing the year of the sheep!

Donald in a similar, but different costume from DisneySea.

Daisy looking super cute in pink and yellow!

Goofy looks so weird to me without a hat!

And of course the lovely Minnie Mouse in her beautiful kimono!

Unfortunately I didn’t get any good photos of Mickey at the Disneyland greeting. That shall be my goal for next year! I can’t believe that next year is so far away! 2014 went by super fast and I suppose 2015 will zoom by as well, but I plan to enjoy every moment of it and have lots of fun at Disney! I’m really looking forward to the winter events. It’ll be awesome to see Anna and Elsa at Disneyland, but I’m definitely more excited for Tower of Terror: Level 13! This year it sounds like it’s going to be even cooler than before! I promise this year I’ll try to be more regular with my posts!


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