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Breakfast at Bellavista Lounge

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share about my experience at the Bellavista Lounge at Hotel MiraCosta. On this day my husband and I had planned to head into the park first thing in the morning and grab good seats for Halloween Follies. We arrived fairly early and it was well over an hour before opening, but the lines at DisneySea were already stretched pretty far back. This was actually the day after the Halloween Gelatoni costume came out and it was also the first day of a three day weekend. We decided that standing in line with the crowds was not how we wanted to spend our day off and headed to MiraCosta for a leisurely breakfast.

1369For some reason I had thought that the Bellavista Lounge was only open to MiraCosta guests for breakfast because Chef Mickey is only open to Ambassador guests for breakfast. Thankfully, my friend Daisy corrected my limited knowledge by visiting the lounge for breakfast while she was in Japan.

Breakfast is served from 7 AM until 10 AM at the Bellavista Lounge. We were able to walk right in and there were hardly any other guests there. I would assume that they were all in line outside waiting to get into the park. There were a few families rushing to finish and head out for their 15 minutes early entry.

Adults (13 and above) ¥2,890
Juniors (Ages 7 ~ 12) ¥1,860
Children (Ages 4 ~ 6) ¥1,240

1365We got a seat right by the window and it was really fun to see all the cast preparing the park for opening. We actually saw someone zooming over Ponte Vecchio on their bicycle and cars going back and forth. Nothing exactly new, but it’s something you don’t get to see very often.

1366The buffet selection wasn’t as large as I thought it would be for what we paid, but I was pretty happy with what was served. I especially liked the flavored tofu. (Bottom right) Kinda weird, huh? Tofu at a western breakfast. It’s really delicious though! I may or may not have eaten a third and fourth one…:)

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1874The bread selection was fantastic! I’m not really a bread person, but I couldn’t not take the cute Mickey danish and Duffy Paw bread. While we were eating a waiter came by with three kinds of freshly baked focaccia!

We were asked if we would like the non-alcoholic cocktail with Halloween souvenir cup. Only ¥1,860! Only! Now, you know me and limited edition merchandise. I tried to say no, but…not much luck there. According to the website this cocktail is made up of cranberry juice, cassis syrup, and white grape juice.  I’m not a berry person, but it wasn’t bad at all.

1367After we finished eating we headed out to see what the crowds looked like. Of course the park was open by then, but the lines were still pretty long. Moving lines aren’t as bad as waiting lines though and we headed into the park! The food at Bellavista Lounge was not the best food that I’ve ever eaten, but I loved the atmosphere and it was really cool watching the park open from above. Most everyone coming into the park veered off to the left towards the American Waterfront, but the few that headed to the right were able to take a photo with the whole Pinocchio family! 5 characters in one photo!

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