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Park Report: February 15th

Hello everyone! This is going to be an image heavy post, but I’ll hope you’ll enjoy following me around DisneySea. This was the day that I went to Valentine Nights with hubby so we got  up extra early and spent the whole day at the park!

DisneySea! I’m so bummed that the prices for parking are going up from April 1st, 2015.

An hour before opening on the south side. Not too crowded at all! I was expecting worse because it was a Sunday.



 The Miracosta side felt empty. We ran into a lot of students getting off the monorail though.


We didn’t get to spend the night at Miracosta, but we decided to start the day here!


 Hotel souvenir medals. Unfortunately we didn’t have any change on us so we’ll have to go back next time.
(They have an exchange machine there, we’re just lazy.)


 Donald! Is he supposed to be a bellboy?


6 medals for Miracosta. That seems like a lot!


Breakfast at BellaVista Lounge.



 We saw the Tropical Splash barge out on the harbor! Practicing…?


 Hmm, I’m not sure if this sounds appetizing or not…


 I did try it thought! It mainly tasted like carrot juice.


 Yummy food! Sorry for the messy plate…


 The main reason we came to BellaVista was so that I could get the seasonal glass. Isn’t it pretty? The non-alcoholic cocktail was pretty rich and sweet. Plus it was mango, which isn’t my favorite. I’d be okay with just buying the glass, but it looks really pretty so I’m not gonna complain anymore!!


 Danishes! The cheese bread was really good too.


 We headed out to the park a little bit after it opened. Still not horrible.


 Shellie May is on February’s Today!


Since we had Valentine Nights tickets we passed through the gate with both our one day passports and our annual passports.

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 Aaaaand, we won the lottery for Big Band Beat both times! Front row seats!!


 Of course we had to say hello to the Maritime band. I love it when they play Sing, Sing, Sing!


 I also love that they have a short photo time where you can take a picture with the band members!


I just had breakfast, but looking at food makes me hungry.Cafe Portofino’s menu (pictured above) is changing in March so if there’s anything that you really like, you might want to head over and eat it while you can! Check out the new menu here!


 Mr. Foulfellow is always such a gentleman. It’s a shame he’s a villain…


Construction! They had whole areas blocked off.



 The boats are back. Since this photo the walls near Zambini Brother’s have come down. I can’t wait to see!


 I may have spent a lot of time chasing Pluto around. (Donald too, but that photo’s in my DSLR.)


Slightly tempted by the custom lockets. I really wish they’d bring back the crystal lockets.


 The FP return time was quicker than waiting in the SB line.
We actually ended up not using them though because we headed over to BBB.


 Chandu blanket with a plush strap!


Chandu chocolates! Can tigers have chocolate?


 I actually picked this up off of the ground…Shhh!!


 It’s a map of Ariel’s Playground in Mermaid Lagoon!


 Churro time! I think I’ve said this before, but I’m not a fan of the Mickey shape cause it’s so dry…
Doesn’t mean I won’t eat them though!


 Of course hubby has to have his Little Green Man!


I had heard the Kirin Lemon bottles had been Disney-fied, but I hadn’t had a chance to check it out so even though it was pretty cold I grabbed the new Stitch bottle (…and made hubby drink most of it.) It’s so cute!!


It was a really windy day and a lot of the outside shows, parades, and boat attractions at both parks were being cancelled, but this brave couple took a gondola ride to celebrate their marriage. It sounds like it could be a metaphor for something…!

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 I popped by the Duffy bus as we headed out to the car to drop off a few things. IT’S SO FLUFFY!


And one photo from the DSLR. I’m still trying to get used to my new camera, but I’m pretty happy with this photo.


  1. I just found out you had this blog. Going through all the posts now, but quickly wanted to day thank you! A lot of times you only see the same kinda pictures from the Tokyo resort, but you take more of the pictures I want to see, but haven’t. Like your tickets/maps and food and everything. Love it!

  2. Thank you for sharing the photos. I want to to Disney Sea someday! I love seeing what it looks like and the differences between the parks here in the US and the parks in Japan. Who is the tiger? Is he from a show or ride?

    1. Thank you for checking out my blog!! DisneySea is amazing!! I love it so much. I really hope you can come visit soon! The tiger is Chandu! He’s from Sinbad’s Seven Voyages which is a boat ride :)

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