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Sweet Fried Burrito Review

A new sweet treat has appeared at DisneySea just in time for spring! The tiportota’s that used to be sold at Tropic Al’s have moved to High Tide Treats and now Tropic Al’s is serving Sweet Fried Burritos that are caramel and banana flavored. Hmmm…I wasn’t too sure when I first heard about them, but as a Disney lover I knew that I had to go and try it out!

Isn’t a deep fried burrito considered a chimichanga? I’ve heard that for a short period they sold cheesecake chimichangas that were absolutely delicious, but perhaps the name scared people off. It’s definitely not a common word or dish in Japan. Though I have no clue what a tiportorta is either so who knows why they decided to call it a burrito.

Standing in line for a Sweet Fried Burrito! The line was decently short compared to other foods and popcorn wagons around the park that day. Perhaps other guests also had the same feelings towards the burrito that I had. I’ve gotten used to Disney food prices, but 400 yen for this little guy does feel like a bit much.

Tadaaa! The packaging is on point as always. I absolutely love the bright colors. There’s even a perforated line along the package with a little pull tab so you can eat the burrito without getting your hands sticky and greasy. This is also common for (some) fried foods that you buy at convenience stores.

Donald from Saludos Amigos greeting is on the front.

Breaking open the Sweet Fried Burrito!
The skin was satisfyingly crisp and the insides were packed full with sweet goodness.

Going from the top we have a chocolate sponge cake (or brownie) then the next layer is banana, and finally we have the caramel sauce, which strangely tasted like peanut butter to me, but it’s definitely caramel since it’s called caramel & banana.

Now for my honest review, I should let you know first though that I am not a fan of bananas and definitely not warm bananas. I like banana bread (with chocolate chips!) and I can eat fresh bananas with my yogurt or sundae, but if I had a choice I probably wouldn’t ask to eat a banana. So, if you’re a banana lover don’t take my review to heart. The good thing about this fried burrito was that it was very filling. I thought it was expensive and small, but after eating it I was satisfied. Probably because it was pretty sweet and too much more would have made my teeth fall out. Like I said, I’m not a fan of warm mushy banana, but if you don’t mind the texture and temperature though you’ll probably like this treat.


  1. I live in Southern California. We have a lot of great Mexican food here. You are right, if it’s fried it is a chimichanga.

    I can understand how a name people aren’t that familiar with could scare people off though!

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