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Duffy Panacotta

I’m sure most of you know about my love for Duffy. I went to Tokyo Disney Sea with my friends last month and we went to the New York Deli for a late afternoon snack. I almost got fried potatoes, but then I saw this cutie and just had to have it! Another reason was my friends were having cheesecake and I didn’t want to look like a fatty eating fried food 


This was one of the first few times I took my new camera to Disney and hadn’t figured out all the settings and sizes yet so it looks a bit blurry, but you can still tell how delicious and cute it looks. The panacotta was coffee flavored and really good. Personally I prefer pudding/flan to panacotta, even though I don’t really know what the difference is…I think that pudding is more jiggly and soft? 120553


Can you see the hidden Mickey in Duffy’s face?

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  1. Yanakotta panacotta! Hahaha! Sooo cute! I love panacotta! The difference between flan and panacotta is that panacotta is made with gelatin and milk while flan is made of eggs and milk!!

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