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Halloween Pumpkins

If you follow any of my vlogs you’ll know that I went to Tokyo Disneyland with Mr. Panda. Most of the videos from that day are on if you want to check them out :3 I’m going to start posting photos on this blog and hopefully you guys will enjoy them :3 The theme for Halloween at Disneyland this year is Harvest! Which means, pumpkins! (Nothing new, huh :3)


Mr. Panda and I stood here for about an hour waiting for the fireworks and must have seen 10 people stick their heads in the pumpkins mouth and take a picture. I’m actually surprised that Mr. Panda didn’t want to take a picture there himself


I didn’t get many pictures of the decorations actually, but I absolutely fell in love with this pumpkin  That’s all for this time, but I will have more pictures soon! I’m also working on some new content for this blog which I hope will be very useful to you guys.

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