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Valentine Night Finale 2015

For those of you that don’t know what Valentine Nights is I will explain as best as I can! Valentine Nights is a special show that is shown at the Broadway Music Theater mainly on weekends during the Valentine season. (Mid-January through mid-Feberuary.) It is totally different from Big Band Beat as Valentine Nights has an orchestra and is more classic. You get to see Big Band Beat singers and dancers singing and dancing to different Disney songs and there are lots of characters as well. You can send in messages via the internet and some of them will be read aloud during the show! You get to see public proposals and lots of confessions of love!

I went to my first Valentine Night last year, before that I lived up north and wasn’t able to go. The first time I saw it I thought that it was the most beautiful show that I had ever seen. This year I waited for tickets to go on sale and exactly at 10 o’clock…had the hubby reserve tickets. I was actually out that day and I wasn’t even able to access the site from my phone. Thankfully though Mr. Panda was able to get some pretty good seats for us!

It was a very long two months from when we got the tickets in December, but the day finally arrived! Valentine Night 2015! We had to exchange our convenient store tickets at the DisneySea ticket booth for one day passports and get our show tickets stamped.

We also received our Valentine Night goodies!

A photo key to capture all of our memories. (We didn’t use it…lol)

This year instead of a special gift, we got a special Valentine Night 2015 hardback photo book!
Last year’s was just a normal paper booklet and we got special coasters.


I saw someone on Twitter doing this and had to try it out myself. Awwww ♡

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The show itself was no photos or videos allowed, but this year since it’s the finale guests were allowed to take photos during the curtain call at the end! Of course we’d never taken photos inside of the Broadway Music Theater before so we had no clue what settings to use. Most of the photos ended up being a little blurry, but that might be because of excitement and not the settings…


Magical Moments, that’s what Disney is all about ♪

Even though this was the finale for Valentine Nights don’t worry! A new renewed version will return next year. I wonder what changes will be made. New costumes? New music? New characters? I can’t wait to go again next year! If you have a chance to get Valentine Nights tickets last year,  you definitely should!

 You can also purchase the CD and enjoy the music from Valentine Nights all year long.

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