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TDS Park Reports, Tokyo DisneySea

Park Report: February 15th

Hello everyone! This is going to be an image heavy post, but I’ll hope you’ll enjoy following me around DisneySea. This was the day that I went to Valentine Nights with hubby so we got  up extra early and spent the whole day at the park! DisneySea! I’m so bummed that the prices for parking are …

TDS Park Reports, Tokyo DisneySea

Valentine Night Finale 2015

For those of you that don’t know what Valentine Nights is I will explain as best as I can! Valentine Nights is a special show that is shown at the Broadway Music Theater mainly on weekends during the Valentine season. (Mid-January through mid-Feberuary.) It is totally different from Big Band Beat as Valentine Nights has an …

TDS Park Reports, Tokyo DisneySea

Snow at Disney Sea

Hello! Earlier this month Mr. Panda and I went to Tokyo Disney Sea for Valentine Nights 2014 with my parents. It had just snowed a large amount the day before and we were a bit worried about driving, but it was all fine and we got their safely. We actually went down the night before …