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Disney Halloween Liner

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it multiple times by now and if you know me at all you will know I am the most unorganized and laziest person on earth. I’ve finally gotten around to sorting though my Halloween photos and I came across these photos of the Halloween pumpkin liner. Let’s say goodbye to Halloween with this post and gaze at Donald in all of his cuteness.

The inside of the liner was decorated as well, but unfortunately I usually go to the park by car and the only times I rode it there were too many people to get good photos. Also, I never got to meet one, but I heard that there was a cast member who would give candy to all guests who said the magic words, “trick or treat!”

On one of the days hubby and I went we actually tried to catch the pumpkin liner so we could take pictures of the inside, but after letting 6 liners go by we realized that it wasn’t coming around so we asked and found out that the Halloween monorail was “taking a nap” and were asked to let it rest until close to 8 pm that night. We were also told that the candy witch cast member could be found at one of the monorail stations during that time.

So, until next year (Maybe? Maybe not?) Halloween liner! I’m so happy that my favorite character got to be featured on it. I’m also very excited to see the Christmas liner! I’ve heard that it has some new Christmas-y goodness added to it this year.

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