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Frozen Fantasy Monorail Liner

If you’ve been to Tokyo Disney Resort you’ve most likely been on the Disney Resort Line a.k.a the monorail. Currently, to go with the Frozen Fantasy event that Disneyland is holding, the Resort Line is running a Frozen Fantasy Liner. If you’d like to see past limited edition liners, please check out this page. I also wrote a post about the Halloween Liner for 2014. More Donald liners please!

Here’s the Frozen Fantasy Liner peeking out of Tokyo Disneyland Station!

Speaking of Tokyo Disneyland Station…it’s probably my favorite. It’s the most fancy anyway!

You can  get a special Frozen Fantasy monorail pass during until March 20th, 2015.


Anna and Elsa decorate the front of the liner!

And Olaf follows from behind!

I really love the snowflakes! The Halloween Donald liner was pretty awesome, but this is a close second!

Of course you can see Elsa inside too!

Anna and Olaf are watching you!

If you watch the bottom of the Resort Line page very carefully you can see Olaf go zooming past!

And finally here’s a clip of the Frozen Fantasy Liner for those of you who would like to see it in motion!

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