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Sweet Duffy: My Bears & Cape Cod Area

Hello my fellow Duffy Lovers! (…Hi to you anyway even if you don’t love Duffy =P)

If you come to Tokyo Disney Resort (mainly DisneySea), you WILL (don’t be surprised!) see many people carrying around Duffy and Shellie May plushes (Gelatoni as well!!!). Personally, I try not to take my beloved bears to the parks unless I’m there with friends who bring theirs or because I want to take certain photos.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love my plushes, but I like to have my arms free (who doesn’t?) and be able to move quickly through the crowds. Plus I am usually carrying around my DSLR, so that I can snap amazing pictures for you guys =P

My Duffy and Shellie May dressed for Sweet Duffy in last year’s costumes! Aren’t they adorable?

I found a few more Sweet Duffy decorations in the Harbor area.

Gelatoni above the Gelato shop! How fitting.

In front of Zambini Brother’s Ristorante.

I wonder if Gelatoni likes pasta?

The inside of Zambini was decorated as well.

Spicing up the construction walls with Sweet Duffy!

In front of McDuck’s Department Store! I feel like I waited for hours while people stood in the shot. There was someone on the left side, hence the non-centered photo… but fortunately there were no people waiting behind me to take photos with their bears. Always gotta look at the positive! :D

This little photo area is tucked away next to the New York Deli. There were only a few people in front of me and the Photo Cast said that I could take my time and take as many photos as I wanted (aren’t they kind?). When I was done with my mini photo shoot he offered to take my photo with my bears and acted surprised when I said no. I quickly snatched up my bears and ran off before he could convince me to get in the photo =P

Cute Duffy cupcakes! My Duffy is waving at you!
“Hello! Please bring 10 more cupcakes for me and Shellie May here.”

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Duffy decorations are everywhere!

Aunt Peg’s is probably my favorite Duffy store even though it’s the smallest.

Home at last! Cape Cod is where they belong ♡

In early January I wrote a post about where you can find the Sweet Duffy decorations and photo locations. If you’re going to be at Tokyo DisneySea before the end of March make sure to check them out! I also have another post with Sweet Duffy photos from the Harbor and Deli area if you’re interested in drowning yourself in more cuteness, heh. If you have any photo requests please don’t hesitate to comment!

Question of the Day: When you go to Disney Parks do you tend to…
A) Pack light (all the better to move swiftly like a ninja!),
B) Bring everything (I NEED MY HOUSE WITH ME)?


  1. Question of the Day: When you go to Disney Parks do you tend to…
    A) Pack light (all the better to move swiftly like a ninja!),
    B) Bring everything (I NEED MY HOUSE WITH ME)?

    A now. I used to be B. I used to be loaded with stuff. Now that I have gone the parks a lot more over the years, I got my stuff down to one cross shoulder bag. It holds my phone, camera, wallet, trading pins, and snacks. I am good to go! :)

    Do you by chance collect pins? I love to look at the castmember’s lanyards for trading pins. I actually got a Disney Tokyo Sea pin when I was at the parks back in November. It is a really cool pin! It is dated 2004. I was very excited to get it!

    1. I totally used to be A too. Just in case stuff that ended up just being heavy. Haha!

      And kinda. I’m slowly collecting so I can trade when I go to the States because we’re not allowed to trade pins or vinylmations in parks anymore.

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