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TDS Park Reports, Tokyo DisneySea

Sweet Duffy: My Bears & Cape Cod Area

Hello my fellow Duffy Lovers! (…Hi to you anyway even if you don’t love Duffy =P) If you come to Tokyo Disney Resort (mainly DisneySea), you WILL (don’t be surprised!) see many people carrying around Duffy and Shellie May plushes (Gelatoni as well!!!). Personally, I try not to take my beloved bears to the parks unless I’m there with friends who …

TDS Park Reports, Tokyo DisneySea

Sweet Duffy – New York Deli Area

It’s one of my favorite seasons at Tokyo DisneySea! The season of valentines and Sweet Duffy is here! I only ventured as far as the American Waterfront because I had to meet a friend for lunch at the Hyperion Lounge to try the Sweet Days menu! This is going to be an image heavy post, but I hope you …