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Captain Hook’s Galley

Hello everyone! I’m going to try and sneak in a few posts before the Christmas madness starts and I’m flooded with seasonal food, shows, and merch photos to post. Now, like almost everyone who’s ever had the pleasure of eating it, I am a pizza fan. Japanese pizza can be quite different from pizza that I’ve eaten in the States, both are very good though. Now, I’ve never been to Italy, but I’m sure it’s even more delicious there. Today I would like to introduce some of the fantastic pizza from Tokyo Disneyland. Captain Hook’s Galley can be found on the edge of Fantasyland that borders Westernland.

I never know when to use these photos so I’ll plop it in here.
So vibrant! I could spend a whole day walking around and looking at all the different flowers and plants in the park.

Back to the pizza now. This is the display case in front of Captain Hook’s Galley. As you can see it was during Halloween that I took this photo. I didn’t order it this time, but the sparkling tapioca drink is pretty yummy. I’m usually not a fan of bubble tea, but the tapioca balls aren’t too large and the soda makes it very refreshing. The little bits of fruit can be a little annoying though. Hah.

At Captain Hook’s Galley you can either buy just the pizza or buy it as a set. The set will come with a regular sized drink and for 50 yen more you can change your drink into a sparkling tapioca drink. Yum. They only offer three types of pizza, but that also means that you get served fairly quickly! The seats around the Galley tend to fill up quickly around meal times, but the good thing is you can just take your pizza and go anywhere!

And that is exactly what I did. I marched myself and my pizza back to the parade route where hubby was waiting. The cool thing about the large box is that it has a triangle cut in it so that the pizza fits perfectly. If you’re wondering about the drinks, one is oolong tea and the other is the best drink ever. Kirin Apple Tea Soda! I’m so happy that Kirin is going to release a bottled version of this (for the holidays only?) because I have never seen it outside of the parks.

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One slice of pizza was not going to fill hubby up so I had to get a side of Baked Cheese Potatos. The first time I ordered these I thought I was maybe going to get a baked potato with cheese on top, but nope! I got what are basically cheesy tater tots. Isn’t the Mickey Mouse pick cute?

Hubby refuses to eat any savory foods with fruit or raisins on it. (Are raisins considered a fruit?) I absolutely love this pizza though. It is a bacon and pineapple pizza. Now, U.S. people should think of this bacon as ham or Canadian bacon because it’s definitely not going to be thin pieces of crispy bacon. Japan hardly ever does crispy bacon.  This pizza is the best. Also here’s another warning, don’t forget to grab a fork when you’re ordering your pizza because it doesn’t have a crust you can hold on to. I made this mistake and had to make a trip to the restroom to wash my hands.

I dislike seafood almost as much as hubby dislikes fruit in savory dishes. I can eat some, but that’s another story. Anyway, this is the seafood pizza. From what I can tell it is topped quite generously with seafood. Hubby didn’t have any complaints about it so I can only assume that it tasted good.


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