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Park Report: January 9th

First off, let me say that weekdays in January are both a wonderful yet horrible time to go to Tokyo Disney Resort. How so, you ask? It’s wonderful because the parks are practically empty and it’s horrible because it’s so cold!

Thankfully the sun was out and it wasn’t terribly miserable, but I didn’t stay till dark. Because of the emptiness though, the parks don’t open until 10 AM on most weekdays and closes around 7 or 8 PM!

It was so clear that Mt. Fuji was visible from the monorail! Can you see it in the distance?

It’s cone art season! I’m not sure if these cones are supposed to be a certain shape or letters or what. Maybe they’re just letting them have some fresh air…? XD Most likely they’re just sitting there waiting to be made into something awesome though! A few years ago I saw some really cute cone art that looked like Mickey and Minnie kissing! Last year was actually done up as the 30th anniversary logo! Do any of the other Disney Parks around the world do this? If you’re visiting between January and March make sure to peek out of the monorail window and see if there’s any cool cone arts in the parking lot by Disneyland!

Another practically empty parking lot at DisneySea too.

One hour before opening. I was 10th in line.

My goal for the day was to ride Tower of Terror: Level 13 twice! I got to the FP machines within 10 minutes (without running!) and snagged this pass for 10:55 ~ 11:55 and made my way over to the SB line. The sign said 10 minutes, but it was pretty much walk-in. I’ve been looking forward to ride this for the past few months! Well, pretty much the whole year!

Level 13 has always been awesome, but this year it was even more cool because it got renewed! I’m not sure if the drop pattern was different from before, but the special effects were totally different! The theme this year is Shadow of Shiriki and once you ride it you’ll know why!

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Once I got off Tower of Terror I still had time until my FP so I wandered around the American Waterfront and bumped into Kitchen Beat. Hubby isn’t a huge fan, but Kitchen Beat is one of my favorite atmosphere shows at the park. The members have changed over the years, but the awesomeness is still there!

I ran into someone else at the Waterfront Park! I actually ran into a lot of characters. The free greeting was really nice because the characters weren’t getting mobbed and they were able to walk around more freely than usual and even interact with each other. Chip kept photo-bombing the other characters’ photos. Ha.

Bianca and Bernard popped out for a little bit, but it was so windy that they headed back in pretty quickly.

Lido Isle is totally empty!

Only a little bit longer until the stage is complete.

Not quite the right weather for gelato.

How often do you get to see this? No lottery for the day!

Once the spring events start I’m sure Piazza Topolino will be full of people!

It’s 11:30 AM! Almost lunch time! Where is everyone?

They’re definitely not eating at Cafe Portofino.

I found Mr. Foulfellow gazing out at the water all by himself.

Sorry for the crooked photo, the sun was so bright! (Excuses :P)
Sweet Duffy decorations were starting to go up!

This is the main reason to go on a weekday in January. If you stick around long enough you can practically have a whole photo shoot with Donald and any other character that’s out. The line for Mickey/Minnie and Shellie May was peaking at 40 mins, and I would assume Duffy was about the same, but I didn’t check so don’t quote me on that. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I got an abundance of photos with lots of different characters. It was an awesome day! After getting my fill of DisneySea for the day I headed over to Ambassador Hotel and had tea with my friends.

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