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Orange Marmalade Popcorn

Hello everyone! Today I would like to write up a quick review on the seasonal popcorn flavor.

This season’s popcorn is…………….

Orange Marmalade!

When I first heard this I was very unsure about it (what were your first thoughts?), but how can I pass up trying a new flavor of popcorn? While the hubby camped out along the parade route for the New Year’s Greeting at Disneyland, I headed over towards the Mark Twain Riverboat. The line for turkey legs was insane, but fortunately for me the line for the popcorn was pretty short.

I must say that my gut feeling was correct, but I want you to remember this is just my personal review. I’m sure there are many people who think this flavor is super delicious. My neutral review is that this popcorn is like a caramel corn with a strong citrus flavor. My honest review is that it kinda tasted like cough drops :P I think that’s because they put bits of peel in orange marmalade and the bitter flavor didn’t go well with the popcorn to me. Maybe just a plain orange flavoring might have tasted a bit better. I must say though that in general I like savory popcorn over sweet popcorn flavors so who knows. I’m just waiting for them to bring back the jalapeno cheese popcorn as a regular flavor ;D

Anyway, that was my review and here are a few photos from then. Enjoy!

I caught the cast member tossing the freshly popped popcorn! Action shot!

This is the cutest popcorn turner ever!

Would you try the new Orange Marmalade popcorn?


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