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Easter in New York 2014

Hello, hello!

I apologize for the lack of posts. I have not forgotten my blog and have felt quite guilty. It is my mission in life to share my love of Tokyo Disney Resort with the rest of the world, but because of my laziness it has not been happening. I do have a bunch of photos that I want to share with you though! I just need to re-size them and upload them…laziness again.

To get you started here is a small haul of merchandise I’ve purchased from Disney Resort’s spring collection. Lately I’ve been obsessed with postcards and Disney has not disappointed. I’ve heard that the princess postcards are now sold out, but I’d assume they will be restocked soon as they are not seasonal items. I know that the Duffy’s Spring Voyage postcards are sold out, but I think they are going to be restocked again before the season is over.

Now. I want to share the show I’ve been obsessing over this season.

Easter in New York! This is actually not a new show, but I didn’t watch it before. This year though I am in love and have been watching it every chance I get. The music is amazing, of course, and Donald looks adorable as always.

He’s wearing my favorite color!

I especially love Minnie’s dress this year.

I have many more photos to share with you and hopefully will get them uploaded over the next few days! I hope you haven’t given up hope! I have not forgotten about this blog! xD I will update it slowly and make it the most wonderful Disney Resort blog ever!

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