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Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expedition Renewal

After going under renovations Jungle Cruise finally officially reopened on September 8th! I had the opportunity to experience it on the 7th when they were running sneak previews. The past few weekends the SB wait time has been going up to 100 ~ 130 minutes. On the 14th it even went up to 180 minutes! Luckily on the 7th we were able to hop on after a short 30 minute wait.

Waiting to get on. Everything looks fresh and vibrant!


Catching butterflies is not allowed! You also can’t swim with the alligators!
They also had a sign that said we couldn’t brush the alligator’s teeth. Bummer!

SUPERVISE CHILDREN. Maybe it should also say “Supervise Husbands”

I wasn’t able to get a photoof the beautiful butterflies (that we’re not allowed to catch), but I must say that all the changes are pretty cool! Before the renewal I didn’t ride Jungle Cruise too often, but once the crowds die down I think I’ll be riding it a lot more! The skippers seem to have similar spiels to before, but of course there are new parts too. 

I don’t want to give everything away for people who are looking forward to being surprised, but I want to say that the new music is awesome! I love it! Maybe you can guess what song they play?


The hippos were as excited as ever!

Another really cool part is the temple! It seems like everything is projection mapping lately and some people are saying it’s getting old, but I love the way they use it for this attraction. I used to be terrified of the temple, but now it’s really cool and fun, though the toddler sitting next to me got scared.

I really like all the changes and now I want to ride it at night!


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