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Frozen Fantasy Merchandise

I know I already wrote a post about things I wanted to buy and eat during Frozen Fantasy, but this is going to be a window shopping post a.k.a. a photo dump post. I am definitely more into the Sweet Love merch than the Frozen merch and I haven’t even taken a close look at Sweet Duffy merch yet so who knows how I’ll feel next week. All I know is that my wallet is already close to empty and I have no clue how I am going to resist all the cute items that are calling my name!

Does this count as merch? Frozen balloons were out in the World Bazaar!

Postcards are my weakness, but thankfully they’re not too expensive at 200 yen.

Mugs and plates. They’re always cute,but I’ve resisted pretty well so far.

I love the colors and snowflake design a lot though!

Big stickers! Where would you put it?

Still not an avid pin collector, but this one is really nice!

Keychains! Which one is your favorite? I love Elsa’s colors.

Straps! I don’t like stuff on my phone, but it could look nice on my purse, yes?

The ever popular dress strap. There was an Anna version too.
I heard someone commenting that Elsa’s dress doesn’t flair out like this and should be mermaid style.

Nanoblocks! Should I get Olaf?

I love hand sanitizers! I wish they came with the strap case though.

Frozen origami! I love the dresses!

A rather large pin padge!

Pen sets! Which one would you use?

I love the size of this tin, but I already have so many…

Baumkuchens, anyone?

And finally a small army of Olafs.

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