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My Favorite Sweet Love Merchandise

The winter months after Christmas are a bit lonely at TDR, but I must say that it is my favorite time of year for merchandise. I am a total sweets fanatic. If you follow me on Twitter you’ve maybe already seen these photos, but I’m going to post them here for those of you who haven’t seen them and for my own filing purpose, because I am horrible at organizing photos and keeping track of files and folders on my computer. So, here are a few of my favorite Sweet Love items that I saw at the parks!

I want all the Sweet Love tins. This one is super cute and I especially like the smaller heart one.

The snacks on top are spicy rice crackers covered in chocolate. Sounds weird, huh? They’re really good though! The bag on the bottom is chocolate filled marshmallows and they are the best snack ever. I love them so much and in this case I love the snack itself more than the packaging.

Pens! I’m really picky about the pens I use so I usually don’t pick up the Disney pens, but these are so cute! If only they made them with a 0.3 tip and different colors. In that case I would buy them all in a heartbeat!

Sweet Love plushes! I adore their outfits this year. Mickey is wearing doughnut pants and Minnie is wearing a doughnut skirt. Is that not the cutest thing you have ever heard of? I wish they’d make costumes for the characters! A meet and greet with these outfits would be madness!!

Straps! I tend not to put things on my smartphone, but I’m pretty sure I could find somewhere to put these straps. I’m a bit dissapointed with the quality of the bow, but other than that the charms are super cute. If I were feeling especially crafty I might take them apart and make a cute bag charm or charm bracelet.

Memo pads! I love stationary almost as much as I love sweets, but I have no one to write notes to.

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This pin. I’m slowly collecting pins just so I can trade when I go to America, but this one I want for myself.

And finally my favorite merchandise so far this year. If I weren’t madly in love with Donald I would get this for my living room.


  1. Abi…could you get an estimate costs of how much one of everything will be? I’m more than willing to pay extra for all your time n effort
    Thank you

    1. Oops! I didn’t take a close look at price tags. I’ll take a peek next time I go and I’ll update this post :)

      1. Thank you soooo much. Btw you, the Berryholic n the Hollicopter have inspired me to start a you tube channel even at my age

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