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Duffy’s New Friend

There is a Twitter hashtag going around. #ダッフィーとジェラート (Duffy and Gelato) What is this all about? OLC has created a webpage for a new event/character. The countdown has been going on for a while now, but I finally got a chance to actually go to DisneySea and see what it was all about. I had been seeing photos of the new painting of Duffy and sketches of the new friend popping up on Twitter. The website says that it’ll be 11 more days till the rumors are solved! I can’t wait to see how the painting(s) change and who Duffy’s new friend is going to be!

Hmm, who drew this picture of Duffy?

What kind of animal is Duffy’s new friend going to be?
Since I took this photo the sketch has been updated!

Duffy’s new friend must like to paint!

This picture has been getting updated too.
When it first showed up there was no Duffy sitting in the gondola.

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  1. You should just move into Disneyland. You’re 24 and still going there often. You make Tokyo look boring.

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