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Duffy & Gelatoni

If you follow DisneySea news at all I’m sure you know about Duffy’s new friend Gelatoni. The adorable artist cat is going to have his own Halloween costume in just over a week! I’m planning on going to battle the crowds and try to get his highly coveted outfit.

Some cute pumpkins have been placed in the Gelatoni corner of the Mediterranean Harbor  for Halloween! Both Duffy and Gelatoni look absolutely adorable! I love Gelatoni’s broom tail and hat.

I don’t think I ever posted the completed Gelatoni painting. No changes have been made to the Duffy painting from the last post except for Gelatoni’s signature at the bottom. I can’t wait to see what new fun things Gelatoni will be bringing to DisneySea!

The painting has definitely changed. Duffy and Gelatoni are wearing their Halloween costumes! I wonder how it’s going to change for Christmas? I really hope it doesn’t get taken away!

This is my absolute favorite mug ever! It’s just too cute!

I’m going to be very honest with you all and say that the Gelatoni tail handle is actually just a little bit hard to hold…but it’s still cute so it doesn’t matter! Look at all those logos on the cup!

The dessert inside is a pistachio gelato with a lemon jelly on the bottom. Yum!

Speaking of yum, Cape Cod Cook-off has special Halloween menus with a souvenir cup and plate. The souvenir lunch case sold out after just one week! I saw it and It was super cute!

They all look so cute in their Halloween costumes!

Bonus photo! If you see a cast member with a large pumpkin basket make sure you say “Trick or Treat!” to them and get your Halloween candy! This year’s candy has a skeleton on it!


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