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Disneyland Halloween 2014

I’ve been posting a lot of DisneySea photos, but I’ve decided it’s about time that Disneyland gets some loving. Since I’m addicted to Follies at Sea I haven’t been over to Land as much, but here are a few photos from the last time I went. The hubs helped by taking a lot of these photos, so all credit to him. Hooray for Mr. Panda and hooray for Halloween!

I feel like I start every trip to Disney with a photo of the main entrance no matter how many times I’ve taken the same photo. I think it’s from the excitement of going into the parks.

The ghost carriage! Unfortunately the ghost’s face is hidden by his hat…Oops.

Ghost horses! Their manes had a ton of glitter on them.

Western ghosts playing some music! The pumpkins are super cute too!

The Country Bear Theater is all decorated for Halloween too! I didn’t get a close up shot, but the bear in the middle (Henry?) has a pumpkin head! It looks a bit creepy at night.

Mickey and Minnie on the carousel at the fair!

Goofy is super strong!

This is my favorite of all the photo locations and I’m sure you can guess why.

Donald! He’s eating worm jelly, but I guess that’s okay cause he’s a duck after all.

Who’s going to win the pumpkin contest?

I thought this was super cute! Come again pumpkin on the back of the entrance sign!

Can you see the pumpkin lamps?

Until next time, Disneyland!

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  1. This is freaking gorgeous!!!! I want to go to land as well now!!! I want to run a mock and frolic in the wondrous place called Tokyo Disney!!!

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