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Halloween “Black” Kouign Amann

If you’re visiting Tokyo Disney Resort during Halloween you can expect to see weirdly coloured foods. My last visit I decided to try the Black Kouign Amann. I had no clue what a kouign amann was, but it looked pretty good so I went for it. After a quick search on Google I found out that a kouign amann is a type of cake similar to a danish or croissant.

The Black Kougn Amann is inspired by the darkness of the Disney Villains. Purple sweet potato or sweet potato in general tends to be a fall to winter flavor in Japan. Kinda like Pumpking Spice Latte? The purple also fits very well with the Halloween theme. I’m a bit numb when it comes to Disney prices, but for a theme park snack 380 yen seems to be a normal price.

Packaging is everything at Disney.

I had no clue what I was getting myself into when I purchased this pastry.

Maleficent is a major character in this year’s Halloween festivities at DisneySea.

Even though this pastry was inspired by the darkness of the villains it was very, very sweet! The pastry wasn’t crispy at all, but it was light and reminded me of a croissant doughnut. The sugary coating on the outside was a bit sticky and made it a little hard to eat. I really liked the purple sweet potato paste even though it was quite sweet as well. I think a cup of tea would have balanced the sweetness very nicely. It’s probably not a repeat snack for me, but that’s because I favor savory snacks over sweet treats. If you’re a sweets lover though don’t let the darkness or complicated name fool you!

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