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Happy Friends [Duffy Treats]

Hello Disney friends! I am back from a random hiatus and hopefully will be bringing you weekly posts from Tokyo Disney Resort. Unfortunately I tend to melt in Japan’s humid summer heat, but I still will go as often as I can! Feel free to leave requests down below in the comments and motivate me to leave my air conditioned house! :3

Today I have a quick post for you about some sweet treats that were new (to me anyway) from the time I went to the parks a while ago to meetup with some very nice Disney friends from France! It was a rainy day, but we were able to enjoy a nice time at Cape Cod Cookoff watching My Friend Duffy.

Since I tend to snack throughout the day when I’m at the parks, I’m usually not really hungry for meal foods and I had happened to eat before I met up with my friends. So at Cape Cod Cookoff I was looking for a light option. I saw the words “Happy Friends” on the menu board and knew I had to try whatever it was. I asked the cashier what “Happy Friends” were and she kindly told me that they were a chewy outside with a chocolate and blueberry filled cream on the inside. Ethough I’m not a huge fan of blueberries decided to get them.

We were able to buy our food and get fairly decent seats without waiting for too long of a time and after getting seated were ready to watch the show while we enjoyed our treats….and yes, this was back in May. Oops. (I’m actually backlogged on quite a few posts…D:)

As I said, the cashier described the outside to be a chewy or mochi-like texture so I was expecting something more like a Little Green Man, but this was definitely more dough-like than mochi-like. It was also a bit more dry than I expected, but the chocolate cream inside was very nice.

Shellie May was blueberry flavored and otherwise was exactly the same as Duffy. I kinda wish it was strawberry flavored, but Japan has a lot of grape, strawberry, and soda flavored things so I guess it’s nice change for those that like blueberries.

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Here is the very cute packaging, I always wish you could ask for an extra to take home, but I guess the best you can do is to try not to get your own dirty. I actually didn’t take mine hope, but now I wish I did. I guess that means I’ll have to eat these cute Happy Friends again.

What did you think of these cute treats?


  1. These are cute and yummy looking. I am not a big blueberry fan, but I would love to try the chocolate one. As for suggestions of what to blog about, I like seeing the items and food for sale. It usually seems to vary a lot from the american parks. (but really I personally like seeing everything from the park since I want to go so badly! ;) )

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