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Lucky Nugget Cafe Halloween Ver.

This past weekend we headed over to the Lucky Nugget Cafe because the hubby loves turkey legs! Currently there are two turkey leg wagons where Westernland, Critter Country, and Fantasyland meet. There is usually a crazily long line for the wagons. Around mealtime the Lucky Nugget Cafe isn’t too much better, but as long as you avoid lunchtime and dinnertime I feel like it’s usually a shorter wait.

Just like the rest of the park, the Cafe was decorated for Halloween.

This decoration really goes with the harvest theme! I love the vibrant colors.

We didn’t try one this time, but during the Halloween season the Cafe is serving Pumpkin Churros!

Japanese restaurants, Disney Resort included are usually pretty good about displaying realistic food samples, but to be completely honest, this sample didn’t look too appetizing to me. I’m not a fan of large french fries to begin with, but these just look like frozen fries. You can also see a peek of the Halloween lunch tote behind the basket. Vampire Mickey is so cute!

Thankfully the real basket looks a thousand times better than the sample! It tasted heavenly too! I absolutely love the black pepper chicken and having a bit of fruit to go with the meal was wonderful.

The coleslaw might have been a tad bit bland, but it tasted pretty good to me.

Of course we can’t forget hubby’s turkey leg! I didn’t get a picture of it, but the Kirin Apple Tea Soda is a must have drink! They also sell it in a few other places around the park, but I always get it here to enjoy while hubby gnaws on his turkey leg.

Don’t forget about the awesome scenery!

I love waving to the Mark Twain Riverboat as it goes by!

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