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One of the shortest events at Tokyo Disney Resort is Tanabata and it is also one of the prettiest. Even though the scale is smaller than most events, I enjoy it a lot. On the first day of Tanabata I challenged myself to try all of the themed sweets in the parks. Thankfully there were only a few and I managed to complete my mission.

As you walk into Tokyo Disneyland you will be greeted by the Tanabata wishing “tree”

Here guests can hang their wish cards! By the end of Tanabata this will be overflowing!

The first sweet I tried was the black sesame mousse. I usually don’t buy souvenir cups, but I fell in love with this one.

The dessert itself was not my favorite. I love black sesame, but this one was just too sweet and I feel the brown sugar syrup was too overpowering. I loved the little macha mochi and wish they had put a few more pieces on top! You can get this mousse and souvenir cup at the Plaza Restaurant in Tomorrowland for 720 yen

The next thing I had was this refreshing sparkling tapioca drink. It was exactly the same as the regular version except for the fact that it’s blue. This is still one of my favorite soda drinks at TDR so I enjoyed it very much.

Finally I headed over to DisneySea to try the cream shave ice. I purchased the souvenir cup for this sweet as well because it was only an extra 340 yen. I thought that it was all shaved ice under the milk soft serve, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a soft jelly! This was definitely number one on my Tanabata dessert list as it was both sweet and refreshing.

Later that afternoon I headed over to the Hyperion Lounge to try the Tanabata pancakes. I know it’s a lot of sugar intake for one day, but since Tanabata is such a short event I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss out on anything! The lounge was very popular that day even though the parks were empty and I ended up waiting for about 30 minutes.

The pancakes were good, but there was nothing special about them. On the other hand though, the peach melba was delicious! I’m assuming the whipped cream was raspberry flavored, but at the time I thought it was strawberry. Overall it was a little sweeter than I would have preferred, but the combinations of the peaches, ice cream, and cream was very good!

We cannot forget the cute plate art!

I didn’t have an overall photo on my DSLR so here is an Instagram photo. Follow me: studiolorien & tokyodisneylorien

Please check out my video to see more of the sweets and decorations from Tanabata Days at Tokyo Disney Resort!


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    Hi Lorien, I’m trying my luck here. Is there anywhere I can contact you? Email? I have some Tokyo TDR questions to ask u! Hope you can help. Thank you =D

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    such great photos!

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    My son just asked me yesterday if we were going to, “hang our wishes at Micky’s house” soon. I can’t believe he remembered from last year!

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    Yummyyyyy ❤️

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