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Crystal Points & Compass

With the 15th anniversary going on at Tokyo DisneySea, this of course means lots of cute merchandise! This also includes the magical Crystal Compass which you can use in the park to gather wishes from the various crystal points around the park.

For 3,000 yen you could be the proud owner of a Crystal Compass!

My friends and I had a fun time going around to all the crystal points and collecting wishes from each of the characters. It was also a lot of fun to interact with the cast members who had white crystal compasses! All you have to do is go up to a CM who has a compass and transmit! Each time you’ll receive a different color and it’ll stay on your wand for a few seconds.

There are three big s and and four small crystal points set up around the park. The small ones look identical and just had different character voices. Here in Mysterious Island we can see Goofy’s crystal point! They definitely look the best at night!

The next large point is Donald’s at Arabian coast! It’s shaped like an anchor.

The third large crystal point is Minnie’s, which can be found at the American Waterfront!

Here is one of the small crystal points in Port Discovery, which is Chip and Dale themed.
The other three are Pluto in Lost River Delta, Duffy in Cape Cod, and Daisy in Mermaid Lagoon.

Here is a video of all the crystal points!

As you go around to the crystal points and charge your compass/wand with wishes from the characters you’ll notice that the little triangles around the compass will light up as well. I think it would have been cool if they glowed in each character’s color, but unfortunately it’s all green. You can also use your compass to interact with the nighttime harbor show Fantasmic!

 Here are a few clips of the Crystal Compass responding to the music from Fantasmic!


  1. Man that is soo cool! I was thinking of buying one of those crystal compass wands since I’ll never be going to DisneySea anytime before the 15th anniversary ends. Does the compass do anything else outside of the parks?

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