Tokyo DisneySea

The Year of Wishes Merchandise!

I will openly admit that I have a shopping problem. I buy way too many things that I don’t need, but I keep doing it anyway. I think this shopping spree is justified though because it’s full of 15th anniversary merchandise from Tokyo DisneySea! A lot more merchandise is being sold, but here are the items that I picked up the last time I visited.

As you can see the theme color is most definitely blue!

As a part time post card collector I had to get this one! This was 250 yen.

There is no doubt in my mind that this postcard is beautiful, but I’m a little confused about the random characters. Rapunzel is one of my favorite princesses, but she’s not at DisneySea nor is Anna. (Though we may be seeing her and Elsa in the near future…?) I paid 200 yen for this post card.

Of course I had to pick up the Nanoblock of my favorite duck! This was 1,800 yen.

OLC announced that they will be releasing a new monorail car every month until September and here is the first one! I tried to resist the urge to collect them, but of course I gave in! If you’d like to see the upcoming designs you can check out the official page. I can’t wait for the Donald one to come out!

As a Disney fan who sits for hours to watch a show I had to have the 15th anniversary leisure sheet! This was 650 yen.

Stickers! I used to collect stickers like crazy, I’ve slowed down since then, but I bought these without thinking twice!

Finally I got this pin, it’s much larger than the pins that they normally sell. This was 1,500 yen.

I’m sure I’ll be doing a lot more shopping throughout the year and will keep you updated on all the Disney merchandise that I’m welcoming into my home! When you visit Disney do you go all out on shopping or do you just buy one or two souvenirs?


  1. We don’t buy that many things for ourselves, but we always stock up on gifts for teachers, friends and family members. Of course we wait until the end of the day to avoid carrying everything with us throughout the park, but this means we have to tend with the mob on the way out! Any suggestions for avoiding the “sea” of people when buying souvenirs?

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