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Donald Duck Special Set [Casbah Food Court]

Tokyo Disney Resort is always introducing new cute and themed foods for us to try every season and I cannot keep up with them all, but I’m going to slowly try and make my way around DisneySea to try all the character themed 15th anniversary foods! You can check out the rest of the 15th anniversary character foods on the official website! Can you tell which dish belongs to which character?

The first stop is at Casbah Food Court in Arabian Coast to try the Donald Duck themed special set! Of course I had to pay homage to my favorite character first! Also because there are a lot of seats at Casbah Food Court and my friend and I didn’t want to wait too long. Priorities!

The Special Set includes a main dish (curry), dessert (mousse), and drink for 1,580 yen.

When I first saw this on the TDR website I wasn’t sure what I thought of the chicken scotch egg because I’ve never had one before. Although I prefer soft boiled eggs, I was pleasantly surprised! I’m assuming that the yellow naan bread is supposed to be Donald’s foot? The butter curry was very good and wasn’t spicy at all. I’ve always been a fan of Casbah Food Court, and I’m happy to say this dish did not tarnish their reputation with me.

My friend and I were wondering what the egg is supposed to represent….hmmm.

Of course the highlight of the meal was the Donald BUTT coconut mousse! Usually I try to avoid coconut flavoured foods, but this mousse was very, very good! I tend to not give good ratings to the seasonal or souvenir desserts at Disney, but I really liked this one. The feet shaped cookies were a little dry, but otherwise everything was delicious! I couldn’t identify the flavor, but the blue sauce on the plate was delicious too. (I want to say it reminded me of blue raspberry, but that might just be because of the colour…)

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I can’t wait to try the other character foods! Please tell me if you’ve tried any or which one you think I should try next! :)


    1. Hmm, I don’t think there’s an option to add spiciness, but you could always sneak in a bottle of Tabasco? ;D

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