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Come Join Your Friends! [Show]

If you’re a DisneySea fan you’ll know that an adorable artist cat that goes by the name of Gelatoni has joined the TDS crew of cuteness. These photos are a bit old, but I just had to share them with you even though this show has now ended. (I know, I’m super behind…I’m trying to do better, I promise!) Come Join Your Friends is a very cute greeting show that features a lot of characters!

 Of course my favorite ducks make an appearance.

Mickey welcoming Gelatoni to the family.

I love that the characters can walk through the audience and interact with the guests.

I absolutely adore Minnie’s costume!

Gelatoni trying to push Duffy aside ;D

How many hidden Mickey’s can you find on Gelatoni?

I would like a life-sized Duffy to take home, please.

Of course Mickey and Minnie were very generous with their fan service!

Clarice looking as gorgeous as usual!

Gelatoni kidnapping Duffy…?

I love how cute Donald looks in this hat and costume!

The music and hand gestures for the show were very cute!

Again with the kidnapping.

Mickey saying goodbye!

For those of you that were not able to see this show, let’s hope that it will be back again next winter! I only got to see if a few times, but I thought it was super cute. Maybe not the most exciting show ever, but definitely worth watching if you like characters!

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