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Snowgie Steamed Bun Review

Here’s a food review from when the Frozen Fever event was going on in January. Again, another post that is kinda irrelevant for people who are heading to Disneyland now or in the future, but this was too cute and interesting not to post. Perhaps the Snowgie bun will be back next year or we’ll be seeing something similar.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Snowgies, these cute little critters are from the Frozen Fever short.

Boiler Room Bites usually sells Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse steamed buns, but for the Frozen Fantasy event they sold Snowgie Steamed Buns. Even if you missed out on the Frozen event the Mickey head shaped buns are equally as cute so you should try them!

For 500 yen you can enjoy multiple flavors in a steamed bun that is shaped like a little Snowgie.

I’m usually not a fan of tapioca drinks, but this one is an exception!

Definitely more refreshing on a summer day, but even in the winter I will drink this! (Though I would highly suggest getting a hot cocoa if it’s very cold. The hot cocoa and iced cocoa at Disney Resort is THE BEST EVER, but that’s another post ;D)

Here is the adorable Snowgie Steamed Bun!

The first flavor is meat sauce and was pretty standard tasting to me.

The second bun was salmon cream and while the name scared me a little it tasted very good and not too fishy at all!

Next we have the strawberry cream bun. It was a little but on the sweet side for me, but not sickeningly sweet.

Finally we have the purple sweet potato bun and I absolutely loved this one and wished it was bigger!

For 500 yen I feel that the Snowgie Steamed Bun was a filling snack and very satisfying as you were able to try many different flavors.


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