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Mushroom and Bacon Chowder Bread Cone

With all of the festivities going on at DisneySea for the 15th anniversary it’s easy to forget about the fabulous Easter event going on at Disneyland. This past week I made my way over to TDL and checked out one of the Easter food items that was on my to try list.

Chip and Dale easter eggs! Has anyone who visited tried the egg hunt this year?

I haven’t had a bread cone since they first came out and at the time I wasn’t a fan of the bread they used, but I felt the need to give it another chance, plus I have a weakness for seasonal and limited edition items. Also mushroom and bacon chowder genuinely sounded good to me! You can find these bread cones at The Gazebo in Adventure Land.

Obviously this bread cone is supposed to look like a carrot. Mr. Panda (my husband) consumed the green taco chip on top before I could have a taste, but he said it was good. (That’s the best review I could get out of him.) We both agreed that the dried vegetables on top were unnecessary, but did add a lot of color.

The packaging was adorable as always. I really like that they added the little Mickey and Minnie eggs on the back.

I also picked up the apple and ginger sparkling drink as I had heard mixed reviews about it and wanted to try it for myself. I got this across from the Gazebo at Royal Street Veranda, which is a little stand that just sells drinks. To put it simply, it’s Apple Tea Soda (which I love!) with tea jelly, grated apples, and ginger in the bottom, but absolutely no ginger flavor at all. For 330 yen, I would rather just have a large Apple Tea Soda. My husband really liked the jelly in the drink though so it was a big two thumbs up from him.

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Here’s a bonus mini review of the Mickey Mouse steamed bun from Boiler Room Bites.

The biggest bun is filled with teriyaki chicken.

The ears are filled with minced pork.

Of course it comes with cute packaging! This is a regular menu item and is a good snack.

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