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Breezeway Bites: Fried Pizza & Apricot Pie

After hearing that Breezeway Bites was selling fried pizza I have been eager to try them. I finally got the chance this past week and took the opportunity to try the Apricot Maple Syrup Pie as well. I’ve always been a fan of the meat pies that they sold at Breezeway Bites, but I found them to be flaky and messy. I’ve also been a fan of the calzones that they sell at Tokyo Disneyland Pan Galactic Pizza so I was very happy to hear that something similar would be served at DisneySea.

On the far right side of the menu you may see that they serve Hot Cocoa. GET IT. The hot cocoa and iced cocoa is the best at Tokyo Disney Resort. I love the hot cocoa because it’s so rich, but I love the iced cocoa even more because they serve it with whipped cream! Anyway…

Here is the Apricot Maple Syrup Pie!  I thought that for 310 yen this was a decently sized snack. I am definitely a fan of the more savory snacks, but the husband decided that we should try this and I’m very happy that we did.

It was quite flaky, but not as messy as I was worried it would be. The filling was a sweet jam-like paste and the maple flavor wasn’t strong at all. I wouldn’t have complained if it had a bit more filling, but all in all it was a nice treat and not overpoweringly sweet. I don’t know if I would get this again, but that’s just because there are so many other savory snack options at the parks that I like better.

Next is the main event! The delicious looking fried pizza! I am happy to say that it tasted even better than it looked. I thought that it would have a crispy skin, but  was interested to find that it had a fairly soft crust. It had more texture than the calzone at TDL, but I thought that the flavor was fairly similar.

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My husband claimed that the fried pizza had more spice to it, but I thought that the chicken and cheese flavor was about the same. I do wish that it had a bit more filling! I find that 500 yen is a fair price for being theme park food, but would definitely opt for the 650 yen calzone.

After raving about the cocoa, I ended up getting a Kirin lemon soda. Oops.

Check out my vlog from that day! There’s a mini review in the video too :D


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