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Zambini Special Set Review

Zambini Brother’s Ristorante is my comfort food at DisneySea. Well, pasta and noodles in general are comfort food to me. Hubby doesn’t like to eat pasta at restaurants because he claims it’s something that can be easily made at home. Which is true, I guess, but I still like to eat pasta wherever I go! Who can say no to noodles?

I love Zambini Brother’s because there are a lot of seats and because the pasta is good! It might not be gourmet pasta, but I still like it a lot. Plus you can get Apple Tea Soda here and that’s a big bonus! If you’ve never tried it, it’s a must have drink when you visit! Put it on your Disney to do list!

I’ve been wanting to try the special set since it came out at the end of the year. This set is available until March 31st, 2015. I usually get the penne when I go to Zambini Brother’s, but I decided to be brave and try the set. Carbonara gratin, vegetables, cake, and a drink for 1,490 yen seems pretty reasonable to me for a Disney meal.

Yum! It looks the same as the sample photo to me!

On the English menu is says that this is “Macaroni Casserole with Poached Egg and Bacon” and in Japanese it’s called a “Carbonara Gratin” either way they’re the same thing. What I really liked about this dish was that there were about 4 different kinds of mushrooms in it. If you dislike mushrooms this dish may not be for you. The egg was absolutely perfect, very jiggly and runny! I mixed it right in with my macaroni. The pasta was little fat elbow macaronis (I’m sorry! I don’t know pasta lingo!) I would have liked it better if it were a penne or slimmer macaroni, but that’s not a big deal. There was a bit of cheese on top and the sauce was delicious! I was worried it might be a rich thick cream like normal carbonara pasta, but it wasn’t overpowering at all. Also the egg helped mellow the flavor down a bit too.

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This is the Cherry Tomato and Vegetable with Anchovy Sauce! Don’t let the word “anchovy” scare you off. There’s nothing fishy about the sauce at all. It reminded me of a thin ranch dressing. The cucumbers were very crisp and fresh, I would have loved to have more! The carrots were very sweet and the cherry tomatoes were juicy! I’m not an olive fan, but this olive wasn’t overly salty at all and was actually pretty good!


The most important part of a meal. Dessert! This is a chocolate pound cake. The whip on top was chocolate with what tasted like a bit of hazelnut. The sauce on the side was raspberry. Not too tart and not too sweet! Unfortunately the cake was not my favorite. It was a dense chocolate cake that seemed a bit dry. Perhaps that’s how pound cake is supposed to be, but I would have preferred something a bit more moist. Nothing that can’t be remedied with a nice cup of tea or coffee though!

Of course I had to get Apple Tea Soda even though it was freezing cold outside!
(I did rush myself back indoors after I took the photos.)

All in all, I liked this set a lot! I’m not sure if it can top my favorite cream penne, but I am glad that I got to try it during the short period it’s available for. If you get a chance to visit Tokyo DisneySea before the end of March 2015 I would definitely suggest checking it out.

I hope this review was interesting and informing! There are lots of really nice places to eat at DisneySea and while Zambini Brother’s Ristorante may not be the most exciting, sometimes a plate of meat sauce spaghetti can be the perfect thing when you’re tired and everything around you seems weird and inedible.

If you’ve been to DisneySea let me know where your favorite place to eat is!

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