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Park Report: January 24th

Hello, everyone! Today’s blog post is from last Saturday when I went to TDR with the hubby a.k.a. Mr. Panda :) We weren’t sure what we wanted to do so we decided to catch some rides before the lines got too long. We arrived at the park 2 hours before opening at 8:30. The opening time for Disneyland was earlier than the calendar originally said. We decided it must be Frozen Fantasy power!

After we grabbed a spot at the gate I headed over to Disneyland Hotel to grab us a couple rice balls to eat while we waited. The hotel was very quiet as it was still pretty early. I envy hotel guests and their early entry! Those 15 minutes are very precious!

A quick photo I snapped as I headed back to the gate. The monorail station!

After grabbing some FP for Buzz we headed over to Pooh’s Hunny Hunt! The SB line was only 10 minutes.

Is this supposed to be Christopher Robin’s room? The quality is amazing!

After Pooh we headed over to Peter Pan’s Flight! We tend to spend a lot of our time at DisneySea and with Peter Pan going under a long refurbishment soon we decided that we should ride it while we had a chance! We hopped on after a quick 10 minute wait.

Next we headed over to Snow White’s Adventures. This was a 15 minute line at 9:05 AM. Not bad!

Hubby didn’t remember this ride and couldn’t believe that it could possibly be scary, but after we got off he admitted that it was much darker than he expected. It had been a while since I’d been on Peter Pan and Snow White so it was a lot of fun to experience them again and I’m looking forward to the new changes coming!

By 9:30 AM we were ready to get our next FP so we snatched up some for Big Thunder Mountain!

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One hour after opening and the SB line was already at 80 minutes!

Since hubby is a big fan of the game wagon at DisneySea we headed over to the shooting gallery. 200 yen for 10 shots!

If you get a Lucky Draw you get a gold badge and if you get the target 10 times you win a silver badge!

Thank you, Mr. Panda! The badge was made out of plastic and was a little clip. A little disappointing.

Can you guess which ones are mine?

After winning the Donald badge we headed back over to Tomorrowland to use our Buzz FP tickets!

Snack time! We headed over to Toontown next. (Which was chaotic btw because of the Frozen parade.)

Donald’s boathouse, Gadget’s Go Coaster, and Chip ‘n Dale’s tree house were all under refurbishment.

By 10:20 we were ready to sit down and rest our feet. I love PhilharMagic so much! Donald is too cute.

After we took a quick peek at the Frozen greeting parade we headed out to the World Bazaar and Adventureland to catch our favorite atmosphere shows. Bicycle Piano is a show that we hardly ever miss when we’re at Disneyland. One of my favorite atmosphere shows is Pirates Brass in Adventureland.

Big Thunder Mountain time! We breezed through the FP line, but the SB line was 150 minutes long!

It was a very crowded day at Tokyo Disneyland!

The Frozen display windows are awesome, but I like the Sweet Love displays even more!

Clarice is too adorable!

This cushion is so soft!! And who can say no to donut themed plushes!?

Dale having a bit of trouble with all of his (Clarice’s?!) purchases!

We then headed over to DisneySea on the monorail around 1:15 PM. See how crowded Disneyland was?

Construction continues at Hotel MiraCosta! Can you tell which building they’re working on?

Lottery time for Big Band Beat. We had zero lottery luck this day and did not win seats for BBB, Once Upon a Time, or One Man’s Dream. Bummer! We headed over to the Broadway Theater anyway and stood in line for 2nd floor balcony seats. We were told we might have to sit separately, but there was plenty of room for everyone in line to sit with their group. Drummer Mickey was so awesome! I can’t wait till we can go for Valentine Night!

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I finally got a chance to pop into the Duffy store and check out the Sweet Duffy merch. The funny thing is, instead of hubby trying to convince me I didn’t need more stuff, I had to tell him that we did not need more Disney kitchen tools.

Sweet Duffy themed Gelatoni straps!

Gelatoni display window outside of McDuck’s!

On the way out we bumped into the Maritime Band doing their atmosphere show! All in all it was a really good day. We got to hop on some attractions that we normally wouldn’t ride and were able to see all the atmosphere shows that we like. Unfortunately the lottery machines hate us, but hopefully we’ll have better luck next time!

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